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Navy Shipboard Fiber Optics:
Test Equipment
Fiber Optic Test Equipment Fiber Optic Test Equipment is required for the maintenance and support of fiber optic cable systems. Test and support equipment is available through NAVICPM Mechanicsburg.

Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS)
The OLTS is used to measure the total signal loss of an optical link. It is also used to measure the optical power output of an optical transmitter or an optical fiber in a cable assembly. An OLTS consists of an optical source and an optical detector. The optical source is used to launch optical power into an optical link. The optical detector is used to measure the amount of optical power coupled out of the optical link.

Optical Leak Detector (OLD)
The OLD is used to physically locate optical fiber breaks or regions of high loss in an optical fiber or an OFCC of a multi-fiber cable. These breaks or regions of high loss are frequently at the back of optical connectors or splices. The OLD can only be used with buffered fibers or the OFCC. The OLD will not detect fiber breaks inside of a multi-fiber cable unless the outer jacket is removed and the OFCCs exposed.

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
The OTDR is used to locate fiber breaks or faults and to estimate the attenuation of long length optical fibers. It is also used to identify large optical connection losses along an optical link. An OTDR requires access to only one end of an optical link in order to make a measurement. The OTDR will only be issued to I-Level shore activities and to certain ship types, such as aircraft carriers or other Battlegroup IMAs.

Mini-Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (Mini-OTDR)
Formerly called an Optical Fault Detector, the mini-OTDR is used for the same purposes as the OTDR but is less sophisticated and less expensive. Because of advances in technology, current mini-OTDRs have nearly the same performance as full OTDRs. Mini-OTDRs will be issued to all ships with fiber optic cable systems.

Optical Return Loss Meter (ORLM)
The Optical Return Loss Meter is used to measure the amount of reflected power from a single mode cable assembly or fiber optic link. In single mode systems, optical transmitter performance is generally degraded if optical power is reflected back into the optical transmitter.


Last Updated: 1/05/05