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Navy Shipboard Fiber Optics:
Design Standards


Title: Fiber Optic System Design (68 pgs., 1203k)
Description: Provides detailed information, guidelines, and requirements for selecting fiber optic cabling and components and assessing the design of fiber optic links. Provides optical power budget requirements and analysis methods.


Title: Fiber Optic Cable Topology Installation Standard Methods for Naval Ships
Description: Provides detailed information and guidance to personnel in the installation of fiber optic cabling and components on Naval Ships and Submarines.


Subject: Policy to Invoke Standards for Fiber Optic Installations
Description: This document (2 pgs., 81k) cites the necessity to invoke standards for fiber optic installations aboard navy ships and pierside connectivity. The document also establishes responsibility for evaluating component performance requirements and the need for enhanced requirements. [Ser 96315/052 28 APR 2000]


Last Updated: 8/8/17