The Strategic Missions Center is a trusted technical solution source for the high reliability systems and components required for the Nation's strategic systems. Through its recognized leadership, preeminent facilities and experienced personnel, the Center is dedicated to developing, deploying and sustaining the technologies that ensure the vital sensors and systems that are part of the strategic capability are fully reliable and always available to defend the homeland. 

Strategic Missions resources deliver innovative technical solutions encompassing the full range of military activities to alter an adversary's will and ability to attack the U.S. and its interests. Offering over 50 years of naval strategic mission success, the Center is dedicated to its role as an indispensable leader in Threat Detection, Integrated Missile Defense and Global Strike.


Threat Detection

Threat Detection supports the Warfighter by providing the means to detect and monitor threats to the U.S. and its interests. Strategic Missions Center experts provide the military with microwave design and engineering solutions that make radar surveillance possible.

Integrated Missile Defense

Integrated Missile Defense (IMD) provides the technologies necessary for the military to respond accurately to a detected threat. Once a perceived threat is realized, technologies supported by IMD are used to determine the nature of the threat, its path and most importantly—how to best respond.

Global Strike

Global Strike provides the Warfighter with the capabilities necessary should a threat be realized. Strategic Missions Center experts help guarantee that offensive capabilities are fully reliable and always available.