Expeditionary Warfare

Focused on agility, maneuverability, individual weapons, munitions and technical training, NSWC Crane Special Missions Center equips the most elite warriors for the combat environment.

NSWC Crane's Expeditionary Warfare focus area is the Center of Excellence for Special Warfare Weapons and Weaponry, providing full spectrum life cycle engineering and testing support functions for reliable and effective weapons, munitions, and electronic systems for Special Operations and Expeditionary Forces with an emphasis on the most elite warfighters and the environment in which they operate.  NSWC Crane utilizes its unique warfighter relationship to gain insight into the distinct expertise required for rapid development, test and evaluation, fielding and new equipment training.

Sensors Systems

NSWC Crane’s innovators rapidly transition technology by integrating threat assessment, proven solutions and risk management with product deployment and training to give our troops a decisive advantage. NSWC Crane experts develop and deploy sensors and communications technologies that enable the most advanced intelligence gathering, and surveillance capabilities for ground, suface and air support.

As the military works to increase the agility and versatility of its sensor systems, NSWC Crane continuously works to increase the capabilities of military sensors, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), by supporting the ever-changing sensor technologies into new weapon systems and operating methods.

NSWC Crane is integral in sensor integration to platforms that provide tactical communications, situation awareness, remote sensors, close-air support and fire support.

NSWC Crane sensor experts enable our troops to capture complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute information about their surroundings. Whether tracking enemy movements through high-powered night vision devices, using sensors to detect incoming ground and air attacks, or saving lives with Identification Friend or Foe/Combat Identification IFF/CID) technology, the Warfighter depends on innovative solutions created and designed by Crane’s Special Missions experts.

NSWC Crane supports the Special Operations Command’s (SOCOM) Program Managers with products and technologies that have a direct impact of the safety on our troops in combat situations, including Integrated Night Observation Device (INOD), Special Operations Laser Marker (SOFLAM), Special Operations Visual Augmentation Systems (SOVAS) and Handheld Imager (HHI).

Specialty Weapons Systems

Offering full lifecycle support, NSWC Crane equips and supports the elite warrior with best-in-class technical solutions, including small arms, pyrotechnics/demolition, materials, EO targeting, special ammunition, non-lethal weapons and optically-guided munitions. NSWC Crane’s technical experts and engineers work one-on-one with the Warfighter to research, develop, test and deploy the weapons systems that will protect their lives in the field — integrating threat assessment, proven solutions and risk management.

NSWC Crane has supported Special Operations Command (SOCOM) since its inception in 1987. Its vital role with our nation’s Special Operations Forces has been documented by the military through lifecycle and system support.