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Increasing Demands: Warfighting Needs Drive Power Systems

Our international partners have gained experience in electric drive technology with the Royal Navy’s acquisition of the Type 45 Destroyer with IPS and with the Combined Diesel-Electric and Gas Turbine powering the Type 23 Frigate. Similarly, the U.S. Navy has acquired knowledge with the recent demonstration of its first hybrid gas turbine-electric propulsion system during the maiden voyage of USS MAKIN ISLAND (LHD 8).

Integrated Architectures can meet the warfighting requirement with less installed power at lower cost than traditional approach  

Integrated Architectures can meet the warfighting requirement with less installed power at lower cost than traditional approach
System integration and technology development challenges to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption while balancing the need to evaluate mission requirements for additional electrical power generation are not insignificant. However, PMS 320 is working across the Fleet to develop and transition innovative technologies to transform the U.S. Navy’s energy-security posture and pace the threats facing the Fleet over the next several decades. As the technological sophistication of ballistic and anti-ship cruise missiles increases and their proliferation expands, the fielding of enhanced sensor and weapon system capabilities is required. The evolution of asymmetric threats requires new technology solutions for lethal and non-lethal shipboard defense systems. Several high energy weapon technologies will be introduced over the next several years to enhance mission capabilities. Furthermore, as new technologies are introduced, the power requirement will continue to rise, thereby increasing the need for available power. To meet this need in support of the warfighter, a fundamental paradigm shift must be made from traditional to integrated architectures, which will close the affordability gap enabling access to all installed power to increase available power at a lower cost, while maintaining mission capability.

High-power lasers are expected to provide a directed energy engagement element to augment the Navy’s Close-In Weapon System. Hypersonic technologies, such as the Electromagnetic Railgun (EMRG) will deliver long-range, precision volume fires, increase stand-off range, and decreased time-to target. Innovative technologies will be required to increase energy efficiency and satisfy electrical power demands for advanced sensors and weapons. DRAFT Pre-Decisional Increasing Demands