Mid-Atlantic Regional CALIBRATION Center

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To support fleet readiness by providing all customers with fully traceable calibrations, at the highest quality possible, in a timely manner and at minimal cost. 




We are committed to continual improvement to ensure that fleet maintenance and readiness are maintained through calibration.We will actively pursue new and improved ways of producing quality calibrations. We will continue to grow as a communicating team and ensure focus on the needs of our valued customers. We will also act to ensure quality of life and the professional development of our people.




Quality – Our measurements must be uncompromising. We will continually work to improve our processes, procedures, measurement assurance and technical skills to ensure that our customers receive outstanding quality and service.

Customer service – Their satisfaction is essential to successfully fulfill our role within the Navy. We are committed to being sensitive and responsive to our customer’s needs, whether they be located within the Mid-Atlantic Region or elsewhere throughout the world.

Teamwork – Cooperation is the best way to get the job done. We respect each other and each other’s rights and opinions. We work together; manager, Metrologist, and support personnel alike, to improve our laboratory capabilities, customer satisfaction and the Navy Calibration Program.

Communications – Each of us should operate in an honest straightforward manner. Communications up, down, and across organizational lines and with our customers is essential for the success of our organization.

Training – Personal and professional development (however accomplished) is an integral part of Metrology and Calibration and as such will be planned, programmed (budgeted) and be a part of our daily processes.  Personnel will also be encouraged to train on their own, for the improvement of any part of the team is an improvement for the whole team.

Workplace – We believe that our workplace should be kept clean and safe. Our people have the right to work in such an environment, and to have equipment, facilities, and other support necessary to do a quality job.

Community – We believe that we must be responsible and active in the Navy’s Metrology and Calibration (METCAL) Community; the National Conference of Standards Laboratories (NCSLI), and the American Society for Quality (ASQ).



General Information

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Calibration Center (MARCC) was established in 1996 and is a full service, Joint Navy Audit Certification (JNAC) accredited calibration laboratory located at Naval Station Norfolk. Our primary mission is to provide calibration and related engineering services to support Navy resources sited in the Mid-Atlantic Region; however, at times we support fleet resources worldwide.  We help ensure fleet readiness by providing quality calibration services so that measurement equipment and related systems perform as designed and expected.  The MARCC uses a variety of tools to ensure quality; including inter-laboratory comparisons, statistical process controls and 100% document review.  To view our scope of competency, click the following link (hyperlink to scope).    



MARCC Scope of Competency / Capabilities