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If you're interested in working at the Naval Foundry and Propeller Center, please send your resume to FLTHRO_NNSY@navy.mil.

NFPC designs and manufactures advanced propulsion components for the U.S. Navy and plans to hire more than 200 employees during the next 12 months.

NFPC specializes in advance propulsor engineering, castings and precision machining. Career opportunities include all production skill trades, however current high-priority positions include: machinists, foundry molders, foundry workers, pattern makers, welders, riggers, engineers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, NDT inspectors, mechanical inspectors and information technology personnel. Experienced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinists and mechanics are preferred.

All applicants must be U.S. citizens and be able to pass government security investigations.

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 Ship propeller

Naval Foundry & Propeller Center - A Norfolk Naval Shipyard Detachment


The Naval Foundry and Propeller Center (NFPC) is a modern manufacturing facility that occupies a 17 acre site with over 513,000 square feet of industrial and administrative floor space. NFPC employs a highly skilled and versatile workforce of engineers, trades people, and support personnel.


The Naval Foundry and Propeller Center’s (NFPC) primary mission is to design, manufacture, and repair propellers for the US Navy. NFPC’s workforce designs, engineers, casts, and machines the specialized products that are required to support this important mission.

NFPC is also designated as the National Consolidated Naval Ships Foundry. As such, NFPC provides naval castings for the Department of the Navy. NFPC has the capability to produce many different cast products in various metals, within a relatively short period of time.




NFPC's engineering groups support and continuously improve every aspect of the manufacturing process. Engineering collaborates with Naval Sea systems Command (NAVSEA) and Naval Warfare Center (NSWC) designers to ensure the manufacturability of required designs and parts. NFPC’s Engineering is comprised of three departments: Manufacturing, Facility, and Material (QA).


The Manufacturing Engineering Department has two branches, Foundry Engineering and Precision CNC Machining & Measurement:


The Foundry Engineering Branch develops the casting instructions and collaborates with the foundry and Pattern Shop to manufacture castings. This work includes research and development, complex mold design, and advanced casting simulations. Additionally, this branch designs the foundry hardware/lifting fixtures, and directs all foundry repair and manufacturing processes and instructions.


The Precision CNC Machining & Measurement Engineering Branch develops processes and instructions for product machining and measurement of products during manufacture. This branch ensures that NFPC's castings are manufactured to meet the customer’s required specifications. Advanced CAD modeling and drafting, NC programming, laser measurement, robotic non-contact inspection, and 3D machining simulation are utilized to improve machining processes and optimize machine operations. The Machining and Measurement branch also directs the precision balancing, final inspection, and certification of the critical propeller hydrodynamic and non-hydrodynamic surfaces.


The Facility Engineering Department develops and designs new equipment specifications to support multiple propulsor programs; develop facility plans to maintain, modify, and construct viable workspaces for existing and future projects; evaluate and design weight handling techniques/requirements; provide oversight for OSHA regulations throughout the facility.


The Materials Engineering (QA) Department ensures production’s adherence to ASTM and Military quality standards through the operation of a fully accredited NAVSEA/ISO lab. Materials engineers provide technical melting and casting direction for foundry activities, perform chemical and mechanical tests to confirm properties, investigate the viability of alternative alloys based on casting capabilities, and establish effective and efficient heat treating practices.

Production plant






Ship propeller mold


The NFPC Pattern Shop is capable and experienced in producing patterns and molds for numerous materials and complex configurations.




Foundry operations are organized into three major areas:

  • Large Propeller & Propulsor Castings using cement bonded silica sand. 
  • Small General Job Castings using Linocure bonded silica sand.
  • Centrifugal Castings

Casting capabilities


                    • Among the largest non-ferrous pour capacities in the US (currently 250K lbs. and increasing soon)
                    • Large lift/crane capacity
                    • Furnaces ranging from 50 lbs. to 50 ton capacity
                    • Capable of providing most castable alloys

Centrifugal casting


Centrifugal Castings can be produced in a variety of lengths and diameters for applications such as shaft sleeves for nuclear submarines and surface ships.

NFPC has both horizontal and vertical centrifugal machines.

Large lift/crane capacities

Large Lift/Crane Capacities


The machine shop consists of large state of the art machining centers like the SU-17 shown below to small manual milling machines. NFPC uses Faro laser trackers to ensure the tight tolerances required for our unique products are met. Our equipment includes:

Large High Speed Machining Center

Large high speed machining center

              • Large Scale Machine Centers (with plans for near term expansion)
              • A(3) High Speed Profilers, five-axis numerically controlled
              • B(5) Conventional Speed Profilers, five-axis numerically controlled (NC) with capability up to 30 feet in diameter
              • X(1) Conventional Speed Dual-Spindle Profiler, five-axis numerically controlled(3) High Speed Profilers, five-axis numerically controlled

BoltsHigh speed machining


Computer aided design


                    • NC Programming and Fixture
                    • Inspection Capability and Capacity
                    • Toolmaker Machine Shop outfitted with conventional and NC lathes and milling machines
                    • Assembly and Process Capabilities
                    • Grinding and Polishing Capabilities










  • Several Leica T-Scanners and Faro laser trackers











                  • Robotic Non-Contact Inspection System


NFPC takes pride in offering complete in-house technical expertise and production capabilities which provides our customers with on-time, quality products. NFPC is always looking for engineers, foundry molders, machinists, mechanics and maintenance personnel.


Naval Foundry and Propeller Center
Naval Foundry and Propeller Center