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Hurricane Ida Salvage Support:  Oct 6 2021.  U.S. Navy Supervisor of Salvage and Diving has deployed uniformed and civilian salvage engineers along with industry partners in support of USACE to clear waterways impacted by Hurricane Ida.   The salvage and dive teams are clearing vessels and debris in Bayou LaFourche, Bayou Rigaud, and along the Mississippi River.  Additionally, they are supporting parish dewatering operations by providing high capacity pumping system at multiple sites.  The following Link documents some of this effort.

Navy Recovers Crashed F-35C From Depths of South China Sea
March 7, 2022 - March 3, 2022 9:57 AM • Updated: March 3, 2022 10:49 AM A Navy F-35C on the deck of DSCV Picasso following a March 2, 2022 recovery from 12,400 feet under the South China Sea. US Navy PhotoThis post was updated with a photo...

U.S. Navy Recovers MH-60S Helicopter from Record Depth
210318-N-LC447-031 NORTH PACIFIC (March 18, 2021) An MH-60S on deck of contracted salvage vessel off the coast of Yokosuka, Japan on March 18, 2021, having just been pulled from the depth of 19,075 ft by NAVSEA Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, (SUPSALV) at the request of the Navy Safety Center to facilitate accident investigation. This depth, a SUPSALV record, achieved using the ROV CURV 21 (painted yellow in background), deep ocean lift line and heave compensated Fly Away Dive System (red equipment behind helicopter).
March 22, 2021 - NORTH PACIFIC - NAVSEA’s Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV) recovered a downed Navy MH-60S helicopter from a depth of 19,075 feet off the coast of Okinawa, Japan Thursday.The helicopter, a twin engine Sikorsky...

SUPSALV supports NATO missions by clearing sunken dredge barge from the Port of Alexandroupoli, Greece
This 4th section of Dredge Barge Olga was cut and lifted on 22 August and loaded on a trailer to be taken to the processing site. SUPSALV is supporting future NATO missions by clearing sunken barge in the port of Alexandroupoli, Greece.
Sept. 4, 2019 - Responding to a request from U.S. Naval Forces Europe and U.S. Army Europe to remove a sunken dredge barge from the port of Alexandroupoli, Greece, NAVSEA Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, SEA 00C, has developed a plan and...

Young Relieves Lehnhardt as SUPSALV Director
Aug. 2, 2019 - WASHINGTON –Capt. Jay A. Young relieved Capt. Keith Lehnhardt as Naval Sea System Command’s (NAVSEA) Director of Ocean Engineering, Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV), July 26. Young reports to SUPSALV after serving...

Navy diving equipment tested by astronauts for space exploration missions
David Coan, extra vehicular activity lead for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center dives at the Aquarius Reef Base underwater habitat.donning a Kirby Morgan-37 helmet equipped with the Divers Augmented Vision Device Generation 1.0 heads-up display during the 23rd NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations in June 2019.
July 16, 2019 - Scientists, engineers and key partners of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) are collaborating by taking an NSWC PCD technology, originally designed for diving, from seabed to space.The Diver...