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Who We Are

Who We Are

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) is a directorate under Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and our client is U.S. Fleet Forces Command (Fleet). Working with NAVSEA and Fleet, we provide services to ensure ships and their crews are able to fulfill their missions with minimal repair and maintenance downtime.

What We Do

MARMC works with an exciting range of equipment that is the core background of the world's greatest Navy - powerful generators system control technology, valves, weapon systems and replenishment equipment that is continuously subject to extreme conditions. Our Waterfront Operations, Production and Engineering Departments perform this work every day. We maintain the ships that maintain freedom. We support over 70 ships operating in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf region. In addition, MARMC hires business support personnel to ensure our team can effectively complete our mission:  Project Managers, Financial and Business Analysts, Contracting Specialists, Quality Assurance, Information Technology experts and many others.

We are the leader of the ship repair industry in all aspects of ship maintenance.

-  We set the standards for quality, efficiency, productivity, security, safety, environmental protection, technical compliance and fiscal responsibility.

-  We provide challenging and rewarding professional development opportunities for all of our civilian and military workforce.

-  We have excellent internal and external customer relationships through open and honest communication in pursuit of mutual understanding.

-  We operate in modern facilities and employ state of the art technologies.

-  We are an equal opportunity employer.

- We are known for our cooperative spirit, friendly and respectful working environment and diversity of thought.

- We proudly serve our country!