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If weather requires closing down MARMC facilities, the Commanding Officer will make the decision. This word will be promulgated by three methods. First, our Public Affairs Officer is making arrangements with TV/radio stations for MARMC to be included in their announced closings. In addition, we have a Command Informational Line established to post a recorded message. The telephone number is 757-396-7777 and can handle a maximum of 10 lines at a time. So if it's busy call back later. Lastly, phone trees within the staff should be employed to pass the word.

In case there is a shutdown or delay, Category Alpha personnel (essential) are limited to the CDO promulgated watch section and any individuals specifically assigned by the Dept Head. The intent would be that the Watch Team (CDO/WDO/OOD etc.) will review message traffic and contact appropriate supervisors and personnel necessary to complete mission requirements. Personnel TAD to other commands would abide by the command they work for on a daily basis.

If there are delayed openings, it will be based on geography. If Naval Station Norfolk/NAS delays opening, personnel working in those locations are delayed but not personnel at St J, NAB, or NNSY unless they were also delayed. The most important thing is to use common sense. You know the weather conditions at your location better than anyone else. If conditions don't support driving where you are, then be prudent and don't drive. Remember it is your responsibility to inform your supervisors of the situation ASAP.