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Visitor Information

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center headquarters is located on 9727 Avionics Loop, Norfolk, VA 23511-2124. The command switchboard can be contacted at 757-400-0000.

For more information about visiting the Norfolk Naval Station, visit the CNIC // Naval Station Norfolk site.

Below are the rules and regulations for visiting MARMC

  • MARMC Security Quarterdeck hours are 0600-1800 Monday-Thursday and 0600-1630 Friday. Afterhours access must be made through the TSDO, which can be contacted via the telephone outside the quarterdeck area.

  • All MARMC visitors must have a badge, and it must be worn above the waist and be visible at all times.

  • Personal Electronic Devices (PED's) with recording capabilities are Prohibited in restricted areas. These areas are clearly marked throughout the Command.





Visitor Controls:  At MARMC Visit requests are sent through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), via hard copy, and through MARMC's Contractor  Visit Program.

  • Code 1120 is the central control point for receiving/recording incoming visit requests from DOD and/or contractor activities. Code 1120 may, as circumstances warrant, forward the visit request to the appropriate department for confirmation of the visitor's need to know prior to granting the visitor access.

  • For visitors born outside the U.S., certification of citizenship is required, i.e., a copy of the individual's passport, birth certificate, or naturalization papers.

  • Contractor visit requests for ships access, must be submitted through the MARMC Contractor Visit Program and the CNRMA's Contractor Verification Program, via the Facility Security Officer (FSO), or a company official authorized to verify the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Government visit requests may be made via JPAS.