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Public Inquiries

Need more information?  To speak with a member of our Public Affairs team, please call 757-400-0219 or email PAO

Report fraud, waste and abuse.

Problems with the website?

To contact the Webmaster for the MARMC website, send an e-mail to MARMC_WEBMASTER@navy.mil.


Navy Distance Support

The Navy Distance Support program office, through its Navy 311 initiative, offers the Fleet, Sailors, military families, and civilians on-demand information assistance for non-emergency, non-tactical issues via phone, email, web, text, chat, and other channels. The Navy 311 capability is modeled after "3-1-1" non-emergency services currently active in more than 300 major cities worldwide. Navy 311 (formerly known as the Global Distance Support Community (GDSC)), builds upon the existing infrastructure that has supported the Navy's Global Distance Support Community since 1999. Learn more about Navy 311 at http://www.navy311.navy.mil.


Contacting Navy 311:
757-443-3663 or 
MARMC Commanding Officer