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Front Door

For Official Use Only. Do not enter any CLASSIFIED, NOFORN, NNPI or sensitive information in this website. For classified or sensitive document requests, and for after-hours document requests, email NSSA_SIPR_TSDO@navy.smil.mil using SIPRNET.


  • Provide a standard, centralized system for managing external customer requests for data, information, and work
  • Data calls are adequately answered while keeping the Chain of Command informed
  • Business sensitive information isn't inadvertently released
  • New work accepted is within approved MARMC Missions & Functions
  • Authority to turn down customer requests is maintained only at the Front Office level

When external requests for support are received, the FDP ensures a consistent, single, command vetted response.

DOD Login


To initiate a Front Door request click DoD CAC Login
NOTE: You must have a Flank Speed account


If you are having trouble and cannot access the Front Door request form, please email MARMC Front Door


If you do not have a DoD CAC, please email MARMC_WEBMASTER@navy.mil. For guidance on obtaining a DoD CAC, visit http://www.cac.mil.