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Reporting as a Staff Member to NPTU

You should receive a Welcome Aboard Letter with the name of your sponsor prior to reporting. It is recommended that you contact your sponsor prior to transfer. If you have not received your Welcome Aboard Letter or message, and you are 60 days away from transferring, please contact the NPTU Command Sponsor Coordinator (518) 884-3680 or here (518) 884-1252 (Admin).
  • If you desire house hunting leave and did not take it before transferring, you will need to report before the ‘no later than’ day in your orders. There will not be enough time available once you start the indoctrination process.
  • There is no temporary lodging available while transitioning. If you need to stay in a hotel while awaiting arrival of household goods, you’ll need to make reservations via one of the local accommodations. During the horse racing season (July to early September), local hotels are normally booked, but rooms will be available in the Clifton Park and Glens Falls areas.
  • NSA’s Housing Office (518-886-0200 x124) is an excellent resource for government housing and long-term or short-term rentals.

Sailors reporting to NPTU for Staff Duty shall report to NPTU Admin in the Uniform of the Day (Navy Working Uniform) between the hours of 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (M-F).

  • If you use a GPS device, the address for the Site is 350 Atomic Project Road, Ballston Spa, NY 12020. See the link below for a general map of the area.
  • At the first gate, you will need to show a copy of your orders and military ID to be granted access to the Site.
  • Most electronic devices must be left in your car. See the link below for a general and specific description of electronics that are not allowed inside the fenced-in area.
  • If you did not check-in early, bring your medical and dental records, a copy of your orders and military ID card
  • If you are checking in during the winter months, and it is actively snowing, call the Snow Line number (518-884-3040) to ensure the Kesselring Site is open for non-essential personnel.

If you have not received your welcome aboard letter, contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator HM1(FM/SW/AW) Anthony C. Brown by calling (518) 884-1355, or through email at:  anthony.c.brown1@navy.mil. If you are going to S8G, you can contact your sponsor at (518) 884-3220. Please contact your sponsor so that they can meet you at the guardhouse upon your arrival to the site.

Please log into your NSIPS Electronic Service Record and make sure you have an up-to-date email address and phone number on file so that the Command Sponsor Coordinator and your sponsor can contact you. Once you log in, go to: Employee Self Service > Electronic Service Record > Task > Personal Information Link > Address & Phone and update your information as necessary. While there, please also fill out the Prospective Gain Questionnaire so that we can better assist you in your transition.

Ombudsman are a good resource in helping to manage the transition to the area and can be reached at:  (518) 281-9907 or nptu.bs.ombudsman@gmail.com or nptu.bs.ombudsman.s8g@gmail.com

General information about the area and command numbers can be found below.

Points of Contact

Local Area Information

NSA's CNIC Webpage

Security Requirements