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AEGIS Technical Representative


Provide acquisition Program Managers with the on-site technical leadership and system engineering support necessary to validate total ship combat system design, monitor production, accept weapon system delivery, integrate and test combat system equipment and computer programs, evaluate operational suitability, provide the fleet interface for interim logistics support, oversee contractor depot operations, support initial crew training and operational evaluations, and other functions as directed.

The Aegis Technical Representative (AEGIS TECHREP), Moorestown, NJ, is a shore activity of the Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command reporting to the Program Executive Officer for Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS). AEGIS TECHREP provides on-site technical oversight of the Aegis Weapon System contractor; and contributes to all phases of combat system research, development, production, acceptance, delivery, modernization and in-service support. AEGIS TECHREP operates the land-based Combat System Engineering Development Site (CSEDS) for research, development, integration, and testing of the Aegis Weapon and Combat Systems, Cruiser and Destroyer Modernization, Open Architecture development and baseline improvements for the AN/SPY-1 radar. AEGIS TECHREP exercises decision authority affecting performance, design, reliability, and trade-offs in cost, performance and schedule.  


AEGIS TECHREP is co-located within the Lockheed Martin (LM) Maritime Systems and Training (LM MST) main plant in Moorestown, NJ, with a field office located at the Raytheon Company, Sudbury and Andover, MA. CSEDS, renamed after Vice Adm James H. Doyle, Jr. in May 2008, is a Navy owned and operated facility and is located about one mile from the Main Plant. CSEDS is staffed with fleet experienced Sailors for operation and testing. Daily operations are conducted under the leadership of the Aegis Technical Representative Executive Officer.

LM MS2 is under contract to provide operational and technical support at CSEDS.

AEGIS TECHREP’s team of military and civilian personnel has a strong and growing reputation for quality on-site technical leadership and systems engineering. AEGIS TECHREP personnel support key program managers in PEO IWS and Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) (PD452) by successfully resolving complex technical issues with the prime contractor’s engineers and scientists, and providing sound Navy guidance and military fleet experience for a variety of technical and programmatic issues.

The close interaction between Sailors, system designers and programmers using both live and simulated shipboard equipment in actual shipboard configurations provides unique, invaluable insight and feedback throughout the combat system development process resulting in a much better capability for the Fleet. CSEDS has the reconfiguration capability to replicate a single Aegis Combat System and multiple

Aegis Weapon Systems simultaneously using a combination of production tactical equipment, stimulators and simulators. CSEDS supports U.S. Navy Aegis baselines, Aegis BMD baselines and allied baselines for Japan, Spain, Norway, Korea and Australia.

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CAPT Scott A. Davis, USN
Commanding Officer
AEGIS Technical Representative
P.O. BOX 1015

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