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Surface Combat Systems Center

Surface Combat Systems Center (SCSC) is a unique shore installation providing the best maritime and littoral environment, operational team, high-fidelity combat systems, and platform sensors. SCSC also has the ability to connect with ships, aircraft, and other land-based sites for Surface Navy testing, training, and support of deployed surface combat systems, advanced systems under development, warfare systems integration, interoperability, and at-sea testing and exercises.

Who We Are

Located on the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to the military’s Virginia’s Capes, we are the ideal location to conduct unobstructed and uninterrupted engineering, testing, and training exercises in the presence of sea clutter and reflectivity. Our team of more than 400 military, civilian, and contractor personnel provide high-quality engineering and technical support to enable effective combat systems engineering, testing, and training in an operational setting.

What We Do

Provide live integrated warfare systems in a maritime environment for fleet operations, testing, evaluation, training, and research and development.
Provide an operational team and high-fidelity combat systems suites with platform specific radars and sensors in an operational environment.


Support development, testing, and training of combat systems in a maritime environment.
Our mission is clearly stated in NAVSEAINST 5450.115B, Mission, Functions, and Tasks.  It is a broad mission of profound importance to support the holistic development and sustainment of surface combat systems.  To this mission we are fully committed.

Our Vision

The premier maritime facility for enhancing warfighting capabilities.
Recognizing the implications associated with long-range, lethal weapons, we strive daily with determination to be the best maritime facility for developing, testing, and sustaining a Fleet armed with superior sensors and weapons.  To this vision we are fully committed.


Trustworthy, Respectful, Committed
Organizational values are beliefs held in common by individuals within a group.  The core values that bond and enable us to achieve our mission are trustworthiness, respectfulness, and commitment.  Trust and respect are essential for cooperation; commitment to each other and to mission success is the motivational bond that moves us in a common direction.  To the embodiment of these values, we are fully committed.

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