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NEWS | March 28, 2024

Event helps showcase shipyard apprentice program

By Ben Hutto, PSNS & IMF Pubic Affairs

Approximately 300 Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility employees attended an Apprenticeship Knowledge Fair in Building 460, February 28-29 and March 13-14.

The event showcased the apprenticeship program's trade instructors and shop representatives along with the benefits of working as an apprentice.

The four-day event also featured assistance from Olympic Community College as they helped employees sign up for the Accuplacer test, a test that measures the applicant’s proficiency in reading, writing and math. The test is required to qualify for the program.

“This was a way to help people interested in the apprentice program get good information,” said Jeff McGloin, the PSNS & IMF Apprentice Program manager. “We’ve noticed interest in the program has gone downhill since COVID. This was a way to streamline the process and give people the opportunity to see what we have to offer.”

McGloin explained that having all the trades and instructors in the Apprentice Program available in one location made it easier for potential apprentices.

“In the past, workers would spend a lot of time tracking down information,” he said. “Some people don’t know where to look or who to talk to for the most up-to-date information. Many are just overwhelmed. This event gives them a chance to find out everything in one visit.”

The knowledge sharing event was divided into four different sessions in order to accommodate swing shift workers.

“There has been a lot of misinformation put out over the years about how to apply or who qualifies for the program,” said Andrea Abrams, PSNS & IMF Apprentice Program coordinator. “This event helps clear up a lot of that. Workers can come here, get any questions they may have answered and get accurate information in one trip.”

Classrooms on the second floor of Building 460 showcased 26 trades. There was a combination of booths and trade classrooms open for viewing. Instructors were eager to share information about their fields of study. Tables were stocked with examples of the tools each trade worked with and the products they produce.

The PSNS & IMF Apprentice Program was created in 1901, when the Shipyard Labor Board selected six men to train under skilled craftsmen at the facility. The program has grown to become an award-winning advanced training course for members of the shipyard team. Since 1950, the command has partnered with Olympic College for customized, accredited course work in support of the Apprentice Program.

To learn more, employees can visit the Code 900T SharePoint page.