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NEWS | Oct. 29, 2023

Brooke Bowler: Honored with the NAVSEA Human Resources Community MVP Award

By Morgan Tabor, NSWCDD Corporate Communications

Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division’s (NSWCDD) Brooke Bowler is a true visionary in the field of human resources. She recently achieved a professional milestone in her career. In celebration of her unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions, she has been awarded the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Human Resources Community MVP Award.

The NAVSEA Human Resources Community MVP Award recognizes employees with 3-10 years of experience in a human resources role within the NAVSEA enterprise. Bowler’s dedication and expertise, have not only elevated human resources capabilities and policies but also became a source of inspiration for recruiting across warfare centers.

“It feels extremely rewarding to know that everything that I have strived to accomplish has been noticed, not just by Dahlgren, but NAVSEA as a whole,” said Bowler.

Bowler's nomination stands as a testament to her guidance and invaluable contributions to the successful hiring endeavors for NSWCDD and NAVSEA. As the driving force behind recruitment in her role as recruiting lead at NSWCDD, Bowler left a lasting mark on Dahlgren Division's hiring achievements over the past year.

Her impact is felt through multifaceted improvements in NSWCDD hiring processes, including strategic collaborations with leadership on technical initiatives, the creation of both extensive and specialized recruitment pipelines and enhancing relationships with educational institutions. She also provided her expertise to support optimizing entry-level hiring procedures, streamlining interview protocols and the amplifying Dahlgren Division's next-generation virtual outreach.

“I like to go into situations and raise the bar to new heights,” said Bowler. “My top goal and mission was to expand and transform the recruiting roles here at Dahlgren.”

This success was a collective effort as Bowler ensured that her accomplishments resonated with key stakeholders, including the NSWCDD’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office, Technology Office and Corporate Communications.

Bowler's leadership, innovative approach, initiative and tenacity to the hiring program were pivotal in propelling Dahlgren Division toward key hiring efforts and achievements.

Bowler prides herself in demonstrating qualities that make a successful recruiter, from being a people-person to truly caring where her candidates land in their careers. “Having empathy and caring about the placement of candidates is such an important part of recruiting,” said Bowler.

Bowler focuses her energy on helping others grow in their career but understands the process of finding a job is not always easy.

“I love finding candidates, helping them get the interview they’ve been hoping for, and then ultimately handing them the offer letter. It’s an exciting part of my job and motivates me to keep pushing forward.”

As Bowler continues to enhance recruiting strategies for the workforce at Dahlgren, her dedication remains unmatched. During a NSWCDD career fair in January 2023, she supported coordinating efforts and training development with technical department and command leadership for recruiting events, explored various avenues of event promotion and provided strategic outreach platforms to boost attendance and engagement with potential talent. The event broke records with 900 registered participants, marking the event an unprecedented success.

“Knowing that our annual career fair is eagerly anticipated by our local community, gives me great pride,” said Bowler. “I challenge myself each year to make it bigger and better for our community"

Bowler's efforts, passion and willingness to go the extra mile in guiding NSWCDD's workforce growth and mapping out career paths for numerous candidates have not gone unnoticed. The NAVSEA Human Resources Community MVP Award recipient’s recognition is well-earned and stands as a testament to her exceptional determination.