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NEWS | June 21, 2022

NSWC Dahlgren Division Personnel Honored For Innovation and Contributions at Annual Awards Ceremony

By NSWCDD Corporate Communications

One hundred twenty-seven individuals and 21 teams were honored with 22 different Navy and Dahlgren Division awards as the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) held its annual honor awards ceremony. Family and friends of award winners watched NSWCDD Commanding Officer Captain Philip “Phil” Mlynarski and NSWCDD Technical Director Dale Sisson Jr., SES, present the awards at the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center, June 17.

Guest speaker Rob Wittman from Virginia’s First Congressional District spoke in a pre-recorded video to the incredible dedication and work ethic of the honorees. “Although I can’t be there in person, I wanted to thank each and every one of you and congratulate all of our award winners, but also to congratulate all of the great team members that are team Dahlgren Division,” Wittman said. “Your innovation and creativity is really the path forward to make sure we have what we need as a nation to defend against any adversary, and to make sure we keep our nation safe.”

 Mlynarski welcomed attendees and congratulated all of the award winners for their accomplishments. “Getting everybody together has been nothing short of amazing. I look forward to doing this more in the future,” Mlynarski stated. “I am constantly amazed at the quality of work that is done here.”

The award winners were recognized for their contributions and sacrifices made to continue the prestigious work done at NSWCDD. Sisson spoke to the history of the award ceremony.

“We really wanted to create a prestigious event that recognized the quality of our workforce,” Sisson said. “I want you to understand the significance of this event and each of the awards. We take great pride as an organization recognizing the contributions each of you have made.”

After the awards banquet and speeches, families and co-workers watched as the awardees were honored.

Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award

The Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award is the third highest honorary service award presented to individual civilian employees under the department’s civilian awards program. The award recognizes service resulting in high value or benefits for the navy or the marine corps with impacts at the warfare center level.

Awardees honored were Anne T. Adams, Thomas M. Boucher, William V. Bradshaw, Dr. Tony L. Buhr, Roger B. Carr, Aaron M. Cox, Chad D. Finch, Mark A. Giewont, John W. Jims, Samuel R. Koski, Dr. Christopher T. Lloyd, Stuart A. Lunsford, David M. Mearns, Michael J. Merrigan, Steven M. Murphy, Joseph N. Pack, Robin J. Ross, Brian F. Schwark, Randall M. Strock, Dr. Stephen G. Thomas, Timothy M. Van Drew and Kimberly A. Wright.

Patent Awards

The Patent Awards are designed to encourage innovative thinking and promote the swift disclosure of inventions. Patent awards are presented when the invention contributes to the efficiency, economy, or scientific breakthrough in government operations, capabilities, and prominence. NSWCDD enjoys an intellectual trust of patent awardees with more than five hundred patents since 1970.

Individuals honored were William G. Buchanan, Joshua G. Clarke, Logan M. Compton, Brian S. Dillon, Brian K. Johnson, Garrett K. Josemans, Matthew D. Lehr, Timothy Li Ming Peng, Luis D. Rivera-Rivera, Gerhard W. Thielman, Myron L. Thomas, Seth L. Williamson, Vincent J. Vendetti and Denver H. Walling.

John Adolphus Dahlgren Award

Two individuals, Kenneth W. Clements and Jerico L. Slavin, were honored with the John Adolphus Dahlgren Award. The award was established to recognize those individuals with significant achievement in science, engineering, or management. It is the highest local honorary award granted within NSWCDD. The award was named in honor of Rear Admiral John Adolphus Dahlgren of the U.S. Navy from 1809 to 1870, inventor of the Dahlgren gun, who is considered the father of modern Naval Ordinance.

Dr. James E. Colvard Award

Ashby G. Hall and Stephen R. Haug were awarded the Dr. James E. Colvard Award for their significant contributions that have furthered the reputation of NSWCDD as a technical organization. This award is named to honor Dr. Colvard, the Naval Weapons Laboratory technical director from 1973 to 1974 and of the Naval Surface Weapons Center from 1974 to 1980.

Bernard Smith Award

Teresa A. Berra, Said Sehbaoui and Timothy L. Spaulding were honored with the Bernard Smith Award for exceptional persistence and competence in the face of unusual odds or significant opposition in engineering and science. This award was named to honor Bernard Smith, technical director of the Naval Weapons Laboratory from August 1964 to 1973.

C. J. Rorie Award

The C.J. Rorie Award was established to recognize military personnel assigned to NSWC Dahlgren Division, whose excellence in the performance of their duties has significantly contributed to the effectiveness of the warfare center division’s military operations. Fire Controllman Petty Officer 1st Class James L. Martin and Senior Chief Petty Officer Joshua R. Ross were honored with the award. This award was named in honor of retired Rear Admiral C.J. Rorie of the U.S. Navy, who held the position of commander of the Naval Surface Warfare Center from March 1975 through September 1977.

Helen Springer Award

Four awardees, Joshua L. Harding, Sheril S. Mcleod, Anthony C. Nicoletti and Bridget S. White, were honored with the Helen Springer Award for their significant impact to business operations at NSWC Dahlgren Division. The Helen Springer Award was established to recognize individuals who have made a notable and significant impact to business operations at NSWCDD named in honor of former Deputy Human Resources Director Helen Springer.

Walter T. Lewis Acquisition Award

Lisa L. Blom was presented the Walter T. Lewis Acquisition Award for her significant contributions to contracting actions for the strategic, computing, and cyber missions. This award is named to honor Walter T. Lewis, Dahlgren’s first civilian contracting officer with unlimited contracting officer authority, first small business specialist, first competition advocate, and first deputy for procurement serving as the center’s acquisition expert.

Leadership Award

Five employees, Penny L. Crabtree, Natasha U. Holloway, Jason A. Lacey, Angela Y. Mejeur and Steven A. Roberts, were presented with the Leadership Award for their outstanding leadership qualities, management styles, and abilities to problem solve.

Employee Development Award

Ann D. Baker, Daniel J. Cordes, Jason A. Hayes, Tiffany M. Sherrod and Robert A. Throm were recognized with the Employee Development Award for creating a positive and supportive work environment for continuous employee development.

Commander’s Diversity and Inclusion Award

Michael S. Brown, Jeffrey J. Buziak, Maria H. Clark and Eunice I. Meekins were presented with the Commander’s Diversityand Inclusion Award for their commitment to policies and programs that promote equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusion in the federal workplace.

Technology to Warfighter Award

One individual, Dr. Ya L. Li, and six teams were presented with the Technology to Warfighter Award for their significant impact on the warfighter by developing needed capability and transitioning it into operations. The following groups received the award:

  • Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing Team
  • Battle Management System 105mm Gun Aircraft Unit Team
  • Cryptologic Warfare Program Special Technologies Research Development Testing and Evaluation Team
  • Orion Project Team
  • United States Strategic Command Request Team
  • Virtual Pilot Ship Over-the-air Update Team

Dr. Charles J. Cohen Award of Excellence for Science and Technology

Two employees, Dr. Christopher G. Brown and Dr. Jason T. Drotar, were presented with the Dr. Charles J. Cohen Award of Excellence for Science and Technology for their fundamental impact on science and technology for the Navy and the Department of Defenses’ capability. This award was named to honor Dr. Charles J. Cohen, a distinguished scientist and mathematician at the Dahlgren Laboratory from 1944 to 1978..

NSWCDD Award of Excellence for Analysis

Joseph A. Caruso, Gregory N. Fish, Brian P. Medved, Yokai Ro, Joshua Shiben, William W. Vance and Michael P. Weisman were awarded with the NSWCDD Award of Excellence for Analysis for their significant impact to NSWC Dahlgren through their outstanding performance in analysis, warfare, design, engineering, modeling and simulation.

NSWCDD Award of Excellence for Software Engineering and Integration

Nine individuals, Myesha A. Dabney, Nicole M. Faulkner, James R. Kelchner, Edward P. Kennedy, Christopher S. Kestler, J. M. Madonado, Elliott R. Sperlazza, Steven P. Stoltenberg and Megan E. Troxel, were presented with the NSWCDD Award of Excellence for Software Engineering and Integration for their dedication and exceptional performance in software engineering and integration.

NSWCDD Award of Excellence for Systems Engineering and Integration

The NSWCDD Award of Excellence for Systems Engineering and Integration was awarded to Rebecca E. F. Banks, Jake R. Boles, James M. Chisholm, Emily D. Frosina, William L. Grosskopf, John C. Hunt, Christopher P. Morton, Zachary A. Sherrod and Kallie A. Simpson for their exceptional achievements, leadership skills, and contributions that impacted the warfare center division in system engineering and integration.

NSWCDD Award of Excellence for Test and Evaluation

Seven individuals, Mary M. Kelly, John W. Miller, James C. Poynor, Kevin P. Riley, Nanette P. Schumann, Joseph J. Seal, Jr. and Cory J. Willoughby, were honored with the NSWCDD Award of Excellence for Test and Evaluation for their key contributions to support the unique maritime operating environment.

Paul J. Martini Award

The Paul J. Martini Award was established to recognize individuals who have demonstrated excellence in an administrative or other support functions. Individuals awarded were Elizabeth S. Allison, Thurman J. Austin, Rhonda G. Carter, LeighAnna C. Cunningham, Joseph S. Fordham, Justin A. Gheen, Dontina M. Gordon, Theresa L. King, Victoria Ky Thuy Tran Le, Jennifer N. Miller, Kathleen A. Moore, Victoria M. Moore, Angela C. Moreland, Jamie C. Nelson, Marcia M. Rennie, Amy T. Richards, Cassandra L. Staples and Bill J. Turner, Jr.

Distinguished Community Service Award

Lucas W. Durham, Matthew C. Heindrichs, Randy L. Johnson, Kelly A. Morgan, Donovan K. Morris, Jacoby R. Smith and David M. Strohsahl were honored with the Distinguished Community Service Award for their significant contribution to their communities through volunteer service.

In-House Laboratory Independent Research Award

Two employees, Dr. Joseph R. Hunt and Dr. Michael S. Lowry, were honored with the In-House Laboratory Independent Research Award. The In-House Laboratory Independent Research (ILIR) Award Project of the Year is presented to those whose research results exhibit outstanding technical or scientific merit with relevance to the NSWC Dahlgren Division mission and will have a positive effect on other efforts across the division.

NSWCDD Naval Innovative Science and Engineering (NISE) FY21 Project of the Year Award

John W. Fraysse, Jr was presented with the NSWCDD Naval Innovative Science and Engineering (NISE) fiscal 21 Project of the Year Award. This award recognizes the principal investigator(s) of a single NISE project who have performed exceptional science and technology capability development with an emphasis on successful technology transition, collaboration, and publications.

Award of Merit for Group Achievement

Fifteen teams were honored with the Award of Merit for Group Achievement for efforts that have high value impact. The award is intended to promote the spirit of teamwork and give recognition to group efforts where cooperation has contributed to the success of the group. The following groups received the award:

  • Advanced Multi-Configuration Environment Simulator Team
  • Combat System Cyber Assessment and Authorization Team
  • Contract Closeout Team
  • Cryptologic Warfare Program – Temporary Alterations Team
  • Defense Information Systems Agency Analysis and Assessments Team
  • Glide Phase Interceptor Mission Engineering Team
  • Gun Computer System MK 160 Virtualization Team
  • Human Resources Recruiting Team
  • Lead Naval Technical Laboratory for Laser Safety Team
  • Lethality Flight Test Team
  • Robot Framework University Development and Execution Team
  • Softkill Coordination Subsystem Team
  • Spectrum Warfare Anti-Unmanned Aerial System Testing and Research (SWATR) Team
  • USS San Antonio (LPD 17) Flight I Redesign Team
  • V Department Interoperability Team