Feature Description/Remarks
Tank Size 3.81 meters diameter; 11.1 meters long
Access Ports two; large port is 1.85 meters diameter, small port is 0.84 meters diameter
Hydrostatic Pressures standard available test pressures up to 12.4 MPa (1240 meter depth); full pressure capability up to 18.6 MPa (1860 meter depth) available through small port lid reconfiguration (this reconfiguration eliminates the use of the external rotator)
Measurement Distance separation distances of up to approximately 7.0 meters may be configured
Maximum Weight devices up to 2700 kilograms may be rigged using existing fixtures; "standard" rigging foot (Click Here for drawing, detailed drawing available upon request) is compatible with the Leesburg, Florida Facility; other rigging apparatus is compatible with the Acoustic Open Tank Facility in Newport; wide assortment of rigging fixtures
Weight Handling two 5 ton and one 25 ton bridge cranes are available; a 12,000 pound freight elevator is available with access to ground level and all other levels within the facility; removable floor panels and garage door access allow flexibility in loading/unloading and positioning equipment
Temperature 2 °C to 35 °C; pre soak tank available for conditioning transducers or materials before testing (test medium: fresh water)
Cable Specifications cables for devices under test may be packed using existing packing glands (for pressures under 1000 psi); select Brantner SeaCon bulkhead connectors are also available; special flanges may be machined to meet special customer cabling requirements; typically, 10 meters of cabling within the tank and 10 meters topside are required
Accommodations large floor area allows substantial space to set up special peripheral equipment
Type of Operation discrete pulsed sinusoid frequency and arbitrary waveform acoustic measurement system; polar directivity patterns, transmit and receive
Frequency Range 1 kHz to 1 MHz (lower frequencies available via special methodologies)
Signal Power Krohn Hite 75 Watt amplifier (frequencies to 1 MHz);
Instruments, Inc. 1 kVA (frequencies to 150 kHz), and 10 kVA (frequencies to approximately 55 kHz) amplifiers
Available Power standard 115 VAC, 60 Hz service; 480 volt, 3 phase; and 208 volt, 3 phase are also available
Miscellaneous underwater camera with PC video capture available; tank is mounted on airbags to minimize ground borne noise; acoustic absorbing wedges minimize reverberation

Tank Dimensions                                                                                   Rotator and Mount



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