Patent Licensing and CRADA Opportunities
Division Newport is seeking commercialization partners for the following inventions and technologies (click each link to get more information):

Click here for a complete listing of commercialization opportunities at NUWC Division Newport.


Advanced Material Test Fixtures

Performance-Tailored Woven Fabric Technologies for Enhanced Dynamic Energy Absorption

Antifouling Solutions


Altite “No Chrome” Metal Finishing Process

Sensors and Transducers 

Fiber Optic Laser Accelerometer

Innovative Beam Design for Fiber Laser Accelerometer Vector & Pressure Sensors

Point Load Sensor 

Autonomous Magnetic Measurement System

Variable Resonance Acoustic Transducer

Fast, Software-Free Synchronous Demultiplexer

Software and Algorithms

CORBA Universal Client and Consumer Tool 

Easy-to-Use Classifier for Complex Problems


Crowfoot Torque Wrench Adapter for Tight Spaces                                                                  For more information, contact:

Adjustable Joist Hanging/Spacer Tool                                                                                    Technology Partnership Enterprise Office

All-Terrain Wheel Chair                                                                                                                                (401) 832-8728    



Energy Harvesting