The Technical Manual Management Program (TMMP) is the foundation to NSDSA/s products and services. It serves as a focused collection of policies and procedures on which all technical manual activities are based. NSDSA TMMP products and services include:

  • NAVSEA/SPAWAR TMMP Operations and Life Cycle Support Procedures
  • Technical Manual Life Cycle Training
  • Reference documents and forms
  • Integrated technical manual library management support
  • Access to technical manual on-line
  • Technical Data Manual Management Information Systems (TDMIS)

TDMIS is the web-based application technical manual life-cycle tracking system maintained by NSDSA and used worldwide. Access to TDMIS provides NAVSEA, SPAWAR and NAVAIR with complete technical manual management functionalities. TDMIS products and services include:

  • User Registration
  • User Training
  • User Support
  • Tailored Reports

This database contains the current change and/or revision configuration information and historical information for each technical manual. Other technical manual information contained in the database includes the distribution list, equipment/Allowance Parts List applicability, individual hull applicability and supersede history. On-line access to digital technical manuals is available via TDMIS. Access and registration can be requested at


SMART-T is a web application tool that provides a fast, easy, and accurate means for defining tailored Technical Manual (TM) acquisition and development requirements that conform to current NAVSEA-approved specifications, standards, and NAVSEA Technical Manual Management Program policy. Generated products from SMART-T are the tailored Technical Manual Contract Requirements (TMCR) document and Technical Mnual SEATASK Requirement (TMSR) document which are intended for use in a Solicitation, Contract, Task/Delivery Order, or Government Agency tasking. The TMCRs/TMSRs are tailored to the specific level, purpose, and end use requirements for optimum cost-effective acquisition and follow-on maintenance of TMs.

A TMCR is an acquisition document that is uniquely tailored to describe the format, style, and technical content requirements for a TM. It also includes general requirements for preparation and delivery of the TM and associated TM products like the TM Schedule and Status Report, TMQA Program Plan, Validation Plan, etc. A TMCR is used when the TM is to be acquired from and developed by a contractor. The TMCR becomes a part of the contract. The TMCR must be used in conjunction with associated Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) and a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW defines objectives and task associated with the TM development effort and the CDRLs are required for use in identifying potential data requirements in a solicitation, and to order the selected data items from a contract.
A TMSR (Technical Manual SEATASK Requirement) is essentially the same as a TMCR. The difference being that the TMSR is used when the Government is the manual preparing activity.

SMART-T products and services include:

  • Tailored TMCRs/TMSRs produced in real time
  • TMCR/TMSR Repository with TMCRs/TMSRs available on the web 24/7
  • Guidance in Technical Manual Acquisition

SMART-T is available at



Technical Manual Deficiency Evaluation Report (TMDER)

TMDERs are a critical technical manual feedback service for NAVSEA, managed at NSDSA. With access to TDMIS, TMDERs ensure that our fleet has the most current and accurate publications available. TMDER products and services include:

  • Technical manual deficiency reporting
  • Real-time delivery of on-line TMDERs to technical manual managers
  • TMDER to technical manual tracking from submission to completion
  • Electronic review and commenting

TMDERs may be submitted at


Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)

NSWC Port Hueneme is a technical manual publishing site for Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals. NSDSA provides technical manual verification, tracking, and distribution processes, including ATIS Certified CD Rom delivery and the Print on Demand System (TMPODS). The IETM group products and services include:

  • Legacy Technical Manual Conversation to Standard Generalized Markup Language
  • Technical Manual Production and Distribution Output
  • CD Rom Preparation for ATIS Certification


NSDSA and Related Support Services

In addition to providing TMMP support to NAVSEA and SPAWAR's Technical Manual Management Activities (TMMA), NSDSA provides training to TMMAs, contractors, NAVSEA and SPAWAR headquarters personnel, and fleet personnel. NSDSA is also heavily involved in the conversion of paper "legacy" technical manuals to various digital formats including portable document file (pdf), and IETM formats for computer display.

NSDSA is also the principle activity providing TM initial outfitting support to the Navy for new ship construction, such as the MCM, CG 47, DDG 51, LPD 17 classes, and numerous Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program. new ship construction programs and Security Assistance Program (SAP) turnovers of decommissioned ships to foreign governments.

To learn more about NSDSA, visit the NSDSA website at This site was developed to highlight areas of concern impacting the TMMP and TMMAs. It helps resolve TMMP issues while improving communications, consistency, and cohesion within the TMMA community across all commands.