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Operational Readiness Test System Tech Assist Remote Support (ORTSTARS) Operational Readiness Test System Tech Assist Remote Support (ORTSTARS) provides a real-time remote connection between Shore Support Activities and Aegis Class ships. This connection makes it possible for the ship to receive a remote technical assist for the Aegis Weapon System through a classified network. ORTSTARS allows engineers and technicians on shore to log into a ship's Aegis Weapon System. With the ship’s permission, experts can remotely

  • Assist with fault detection

  • Help isolate faults

  • Collect fault data

  • Perform intermediate maintenance

  • Correct faults
This new capability offers many potential benefits:

  • Reduced travel for technical experts
  • More effective testing
  • Collection of performance data
  • Faster fault correction and problem resolution
  • Reduced maintenance time
ORTSTARS will also reduce the elapsed time between the service request and service support, and provide a better understanding of corrective maintenance information from the fleet.

By providing a way for the ship to get urgent assistance from the technical communities to maintain its equipment, ORTSTARS can become a very useful tool for a ship during its deployment.

Remote Equipment Groom with ORTSTARS
Aegis systems engineers have conducted a remote equipment groom using ORTSTARS-equipped Aegis ships while the ship was tied to the pier. These grooms reviewed SPY/FCS radar and computer equipment, identified equipment faults, and provided corrective procedures for the crew while saving work hours and associated travel costs.