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The CAD/PAD Joint Program Office recently hosted its 12th Cartridge - Propellant Actuated Device (CAD/PAD) Technical Exchange Workshop. The Cartridge - Propellant Actuated Device (CAD/PAD) Technical Exchange Workshop is a biennial event dedicated to enabling and promoting a better understanding of new initiatives and recent and emerging requirements. It offers a constructive interchange among technologists, designers, and engineers involved in new technology and development applications, as well as program managers and sustainment experts addressing program and user needs. The three-day session was held at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), La Plata Campus. The presentations briefed provide a useful informational exchange addressing a wide range of topics and can be downloaded from the resource library below.


Resource Library
 TitleModified DateSize 
TEW Welcome Packet6/29/20181.65 MBDownload
CAD / PAD Technology Roadmap7/3/2018875.26 KBDownload
Cockpit Thermal Environments6/29/20183.92 MBDownload
Resonant Acoustic Mixing Mix Process Scale Up 6/29/20184.63 MBDownload
Primary Explosives Manufacture6/29/20181.05 MBDownload
Optimization of HES 58086/29/20184.27 MBDownload
Modernization of the NSWC/IHEODTD CADPROG Ballistic Computer Simulation Program6/29/201814.37 MBDownload
PAU Cartridge Compatibility Study6/29/20181.75 MBDownload
USAF Mishap Investigation Support Team (FY08-F17)6/29/20182.09 MBDownload
Neutron Radiography Updates7/3/201817.26 MBDownload
Energetic Materials Additive Manufacturing for CAD/PAD 6/29/201813.00 MBDownload
CAD/PAD MIST CODR & EI7/3/201810.77 MBDownload
Evaluation of a Manufacturing Capability for DNPD6/29/20182.87 MBDownload
U-2 Rocket Catapult Surveillance Test Augmentation; a Temperature Cool-down Study6/29/201838.93 MBDownload
Combined Resin Infusion – Bladder Molding Technique for Manufacturing Composite Tubes6/29/20183.51 MBDownload
Manufacturing Tungsten Delay Composition: Chemistry or Alchemy? You be the judge 6/29/20186.70 MBDownload
High Temperature Aging Test Data for Double Base Propellant using an Advanced Stabilizer6/29/20182.41 MBDownload
Solid Loading Study of Butarez/Lead Nitrate Propellant6/29/20184.05 MBDownload
Hazard Classification6/29/20181.82 MBDownload
NAVSEA Technical Authority and the CAD/PAD 6/29/20182.85 MBDownload
Laser Diode Ignition6/29/201828.27 MBDownload
Double-Based Propellants Chemical Decomposition: A Molecular Modeling Study6/29/201888.43 MBDownload
Characterizations of Additively6/29/2018839.29 KBDownload