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International Logistics Meeting (ILM)


Archive (2019)  

The Cartridge Actuated Device/Propellant Actuated Device (CAD/PAD) Joint Program Office and Enterprise Leadership have cancelled the 2020 CAD/PAD ILM, which was to be held June 23-24, 2020 at the College of Southern Maryland in La Plata, Maryland.


The ILM was established in 1989 as an Integrated Logistics Support Management Team (ILSMT) meeting to give the United States Navy/United States Marine Corps (USN/USMC) aircraft maintenance and ordnance logistics workforce a venue to voice and document total life cycle management issues related to the CAD/PAD product line. 

The CAD/PAD Joint Program Office (JPO) is the only program office in the Department of Defense (DoD) that specializes in complete life cycle management of the CAD/PAD product line. The ILM provides an opportunity to demonstrate and communicate emerging total life cycle support processes and technologies with the customer and allows the Naval Aviation Type Commanders and ordnance leaders from the Fleet Executive Committee to discuss and prioritize action items for resolution.  

In 1996, the CAD/PAD Team began inviting international partners to the meeting. Today, dozens of customers from around the world participate in the ILM and utilize this opportunity to stay abreast of current CAD/PAD issues and updates.

POC: ILM Coordinator, CADPAD_ILM_Coordinator.fct@navy.mil