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Standard Facility Access:

All visitors access the facility via the Main Gate. Visitors will be issued a visitor badge, which must be returned to the gate upon departure.

Submission of visit requests for classified visits:

All visit requests for contractor personnel visiting NSWCDL shall be sent through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), under SMO code 001785.

When JPAS is unavailable, visit requests for contractor personnel shall be sent to the contractors technical point of contact. All visit requests not submitted via JPAS shall have "NEED-TO-KNOW" certified by the individual identified in Item 13 (COR, TPOC, TOM). All paper visit requests shall contain the information required by Chapter 6, NISPOM, and shall not exceed 12 months.

Visit requests for subcontractors to activities other than IC activities will have “NEED-TO-KNOW” certified by the prime contractor. Visit requests to IC activities shall be on a case-by-case basis and determined by the IC.

Base Vehicle Pass:

Visitors will be issued a vehicle pass, when deemed necessary, at the Pass and ID office. A valid drivers license is required.

Controlled/Restricted Items:

Cellular Telephones and Two-Way Pagers:

These items may be used in limited areas, however their use may not be allowed in certain facilities on base. Check with Physical Security for specific areas where use is restricted.

Cameras/Recorders (Still and Video):

The possession and/or use of photographic and/or recording equipment of any kind is strictly forbidden without prior authorization from the Security Office.