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Use this section to find and select Discrete Semiconductor packages. The Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) JC-11 Committee on Mechanical Standardization creates outlines in Publication 95 (JEDEC Registered and Standard Outlines for Semiconductor Devices) for Standard Semiconductor packages. When designing a package, emphasis should be on using the part packages from the QML-19500 manufacturers, from MIL-HDBK-6100, or from the JEDEC publication 95. Figure 1
depicts some different package styles of Discrete Semiconductors.

Transistor Die
 (Source: Semicoa)


DO-4 (Diode Stud Case) D0-7 (Axial Lead Diode Case)

T0-66 (Transistor Case)  T0-257 (Transistor Case)

Figure 1 Selected Discrete Semiconductor Package Styles