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Once a connector assessment has shown that the design and materials are adequate for the intended application(s), measures need to put in place to ensure continued product integrity for future procurements. This can be a formal contract requiring notification of changes in design or materials between procurements. It may refer only to changes that are significant to the intended application, and probably include mounting methods, increase in weight or space allocation, relaxation of dimensional tolerances, changes in insert material, contact composition, plating methodology, and physical configuration changes, that may require a change in installation procedures. Other significant attributes of specific connector types are covered under the technology portion of this document.

Trademarks, materials, and their manufacturers cited in this manual are as follows:*

Blue Ribbonâ/Micro-Ribbonâ Amphenol-Borg electronic Corp.
Variconâ ELCO Corp.
Jones â,  Mini-Jonesâ Cinch Mfg. Co.
REMIâ U.S. Components Inc.
Little Caesarâ ITTC,  ITT Cannon Electric Div.
Teflon (FEPâ) /Teflon (TFE â) E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc.
Polysulfoneâ Union Carbide Corp.
Rexoliteâ Brand-Rex Div., American Anka Corp.
Kel-F (CTFE) â 3M,Co., Allied Chemical (Plaskon CTFE)
Bakeliteâ Union Carbide Corp. (Bakelite Phenoxy)

Du Pont, Inc., (zetel); Allied Chemical corp. (Plaskon);
Union Carbide (Bakelite)


Du Pont, Inc.; (Alathon); U.S.I. Chemical Co.(Petrothene);
Allied Chemical Corp. (Grex H.D.)Hercules Powder Co. (Hi-Fax)

Polyimides Du Pont (Vespel Blocks, Kapton Films and Pyre-M.L. Resin)

Dow Chemical Co. (Styron); Monsanto Co. (Lustrex);
American Anka (Rexolite); Polymer Corp. (Polypenco) Q-200.5

Melamine Borden Chemical Co.
Fluorosilicone Dow Chemical Co. (Slygard)
Polychloroprene E.I. du Pont (Neoprene)


*Note: This is only a partial listing of the many qualified suppliers.  It is intended to provide the designer with some degree of familiarization and insight into product/material availability and no preference is implied or intended.