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Buddy Program

The Buddy Program pairs a new hire with a volunteer for a period of time in order to help the new hire transition into a new job. At the time of offer acceptance, the new hire will be offered the option of being paired with a buddy. Once the new hire and buddy are paired, the new hire will be given contact information for their buddy. This program is currently being evaluated as a possible program to implement within the NHB-ERG.

The role of a Buddy:

  • A buddy should be willing to volunteer some time by e-mail communication and through meetings with the new hire.
  • A buddy must be employed at Carderock/Philadelphia for at least 90 days (subject to change as feedback is received).
  • The buddy should be a peer to the new hire, someone relatable and of similar age. The new hires will be paired by gender to make them feel comfortable initially. The buddies will fill out an information sheet that will be available to the new hires in order for them to get to know a little about their buddy.
  • The program will be offered to all new hires. If the new hire is outside the targeted age range, they will be asked how familiar they are with Carderock/Philadelphia area and if they would want a buddy.
  • A buddy will be paired with a new hire once they’ve accepted the offer for employment. The buddy will be in regular contact with the new hire until their start date. After the start date, the buddy is required to remain in contact with the new hire for a maximum of 60 days.
  • A buddy should know the appropriate points of contact and location of resources needed to answer questions the new hire may have.
  • The buddy will only answer questions that do not fall in to the area of mentorship, group leader, or branch head.
  • Where things are on base
  • How to get started as a new employee
  • Contacts for NMCI tech help
  • The buddy can answer questions regarding information or resources available on the New Hire Website. The buddy can also answer questions about situations or processes that the buddy has experienced. The buddy must not direct the new hire on any projects or technical tasks.
  • A buddy should NOT attempt to resolve any conflicts. The buddy should redirect the situation to the new hire’s branch head and HRO. The buddy can refer the new hire to the established procedure for grievances.

To get involved with the Buddy Program, contact Haley Kirby at