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Program Summary

PMS 317 is the Naval Sea Systems Command’s Program Office for the Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD) and Amphibious Replacement (LX(R)) Program as part of the Program Executive Office for Ships. (PEO Ships). The LX(R) is being built to replace the LSD 41/49 class ships that are reaching the end of their operational life. The Department of the Navy has concluded that the LSD 41/49 must be replaced with a platform capable of providing a greater range of operational capabilities and capacities, to meet current and future warfighting needs.

Artist’s concept of LX (R)
The Navy team performed an in depth Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) and determined that the LPD hull met the requirements of the platform and reduced cost and risk to the project so that a clean sheet hull would not have to be designed and approved. Although the LX(R) will have the same hull , it will not just be a LPD by another name. To reduce the cost of the ship, the Navy has selectively reduced LPD 17 requirements and descoped specific spaces and equipment, enabling sufficient capability and capacity to meet the LX(R) mission sets as required in the CDD.

LX(R) will be a continuation of the LPD 28/29 work, using that design as the starting point for incorporation of additional cost reduction initiatives to increase affordability of the ship class. Delivery of the first LX (R) is planned for FY 25 or FY 26.

Updated Jan 2018