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Surface Training Systems
Program Summary

Established in 2011, the Surface Training Systems (STS) Program Office, PMS 339, is the single point of contact for strategic program planning, policy, acquisition, life-cycle management, research and development and technical insertion into existing and future Navy surface training systems.

Prior to the stand-up of the Surface Expeditionary Warfare Training Committee (SEWTC) and PMS 339, there were competing, unconstrained, uncoordinated and un-prioritized Manpower, Personnel and Training (MPT) requirements coming from multiple resource sponsors. There was no single entity acting as the surface training advocate.

PMS 339 consists of three major Divisions:
  • Surface Training Systems Division: Responsible for SEWTC, Trainers, POM, Wholeness and COMS
  • Current Readiness Division: Responsible for NTSPs, Modernization, TRPPM and Manpower
  • New Construction MPT/FIT Division: Responsible for MPT, FIT, SWE, and Readiness Kill Chain

PMS 339 interacts with OPNAV resource sponsors, NAVSEASYSCOM, Fleet and Training Stakeholders.

Additionally, PMS 339:
  • Functions as the Navy Training System Plan (NTSP) Single Integrator
  • Establishes NAVSEA Front-End Analysis (FEA) and enforces Training Planning Process standards to meet OPNAV requirements
  • Validates NTSP reviews, proposing training efficiency and/or effectiveness changes as necessary
  • Manages the development, acquisition, operation and maintenance, sustainment, modernization and overhaul of schoolhouse and waterfront shore-based training systems as directed by the OPNAV Surface and Expeditionary Warfare Training Plan (SEWTP) or NTSP requirements
  • Fleet Introduction (FIT) agent for new construction DDG 51, DDG 1000, LPD 17, LHA 7, CG MOD, ESB 3-5, Aegis Ashore, and LCS
  • Crew Stabilization Planning and Crew Scheduling and Phasing Plans for in-service modernization and new construction programs.
  • Support Participating Acquisition Resource Managers /Program Managers in manpower, personnel and training product development

Updated Jan 2017