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The engineers and support staff of the Engineering and Planning Department at Norfolk Naval Shipyard are responsible for keeping the Navy’s nuclear and non-nuclear ships modernized. This Department fulfills this mission in two major roles; Field Engineering Support and Planning Yard Activities.


In the field engineering role, the Engineering and Planning Department is divided into four primary divisions: Engineering Design Division; Hull, Propulsion and Auxiliary Test Division; Combat System Division and Industrial Engineering Division.

Engineering Design Division

This Division is the backbone of the Department. Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers and Naval Architects are involved in design, repair, overhaul and modernization of propulsion piping, machinery, HVAC equipment and controls, power distribution, complex microelectronics signal and control systems, compartment arrangements, equipment foundation designs, collision damage, ship stability and ballast control.


Hull, Propulsion and Auxiliary Test Division

This Division is responsible for overall Ship’s Safety and final system operability. Engineers in this division must weigh the release of work on vital non-nuclear ship’s systems with the requirements to maintain ship safety while a ship is undergoing repairs in the shipyard. Shift Test Directors determine and supervise non-nuclear system testing on a ship and coordinate closely with the ship’s crew and shipyard tradespeople to accomplish final system checkouts.

Combat Systems Division

This Division is responsible for the technical procedures and operation of weapons and communications systems shipboard. Electronics and mechanical engineers must integrate their knowledge of hydraulics, communications and electronics in weapons delivery systems for surface, undersea and surface-to-air warfare.

Industrial Engineering Division

Industrial engineers work closely with shipyard trade supervisors in the production buildings and shipboard in order to improve efficiency, reduce the cost and to achieve first-time quality. Studies of work flow and production techniques are important functions in this Division in striving for the goals of low cost, high quality, on-time work throughout the shipyard.


As the Planning Yard for all east coast aircraft carriers (nuclear and non nuclear) and all "big deck" amphibious assault ships, the Engineering and Planning Department utilizes state-of-the-art CAD equipment to issue drawing and technical instructions for shipboard mechanical and electrical systems. Part of this function requires engineers to act as the primary point of contact during construction of these ships and to provide on-site field engineer support at satellite repair facilities in Jacksonville Florida, San Diego California or Sasebo Japan