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Perform To Serve (PTS)

Required documents/situation:

  • PTS Work Sheet (click to open)/Fleet Ride qualified
  • Last 5 Evals
  • Member must be with in 13 months of EAOS or 12 months of PRD whichever is closer
  • Required for members with less than 14 years and a day of service 
  • Prims Data

For Conversions You Must be Fleet Ride qualified, and have completed J.O.I.N survey 


Required documents/situation:
  • Re-enlistment interview sheet (Click to open)
  • Requested certificates
  • Last 2 Evals
  • Exact Room number and personal number         
  • Have an approved PTS application (14yrs and below)


Retirements/Fleet Reserve

Required Document/ Situation:

  • E-6 and below within 18 months of 20 years unless they have 3 or more PRT failures in which case they put in at 24 months. If putting in at 24 months they can put in a request no earlier than the one month in which they will meet the 18 year mark.
  • Fleet reserve/Retirement request (Click to open)
  • E-7 and above can put in a 24 months prior to requested retirement date.
  • Request chit (R/R to transfer to fleet reserves on xx/xxx/xx date) must be the last day of the month
  • If the request chit is bottom lined by dept head it will go straight into OPINS otherwise two evals are required
  • E-7 and above must sign page 13 to show they are ineligible for selection board
  • Certificate request (If desired)
  • Ceremony Package (click to open) (If desired)
  • Inform CCC office if Prior service or split service
  • FLT Ride Qualification Sheet (click to open)



Required Documents/Situation:
  • 1306 typed must be correct version
  • Request chit signed by COC bottom line open for the CO to sign
  • Last 3 evals
  • Copy of MILPERSMAN under which your request falls


Career Management System/Job Advertisement Selection System (CMS/JASS)

CMS/JASS is a self Service program that the member can access through Navy knowledge online under the Career Management menu.


2011 CMS Schedule (click to open)

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Required documents/ Situation:

  • No cost TAD orders W/ Primary and Alternate dates
  • Last Two Evals
  • Member must attend Mandatory Pre Separation Class and complete DD 2648 Signed by NC in order to attend tap class

Member can pick up completed no cost orders from the Travel office at LF-18 the Friday prior to class date.

Pre Separation Class is held every Thursday at 0900 in the Career Counselors Office, unless otherwise noted.


Required Documents/ situation:

  • Last 2 evals
  • Extension Check List 

Must Have a valid Reason to extend (breast feeding, to wait for exam result or PTS are not acceptable reasons to extend)

Overmanned rates are not allowed to extend without a 1306 unless for orders in which case a copy of orders is required

Career Development Board (CDB)

6 month CDB 

12 month CDB 

24 month CDB

Incentive CDB

Reporting CDB