Lifting and Handling Department
Code 700

Our mission is the safe and reliable overhead Lifting and Handling (L&H) of the Navy’s nuclear and non-nuclear loads. Crane loads up to one million pounds are lifted and transported overhead of ships, sensitive equipment, and personnel. As a result, crane and rigging safety is a rapidly growing field of concern and investment in the Navy, as well as in private industry.

Our activity is found within aircraft carriers and submarines, on piers and drydocks, and within all industrial buildings. All shipyard industrial production processes rely on the safe movement of heavy loads from point to point.

Technical Division

The Technical Division is the engineering arm of the L&H Department. Our engineers enjoy the diversity of our crane and auxiliary equipment systems, which challenge and exercise technical ability in a large variety of sub disciplines within mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. The following four engineering branches support the Technical Division:

Waterfront Branch - This branch is the largest and enjoys the most dynamic work environment. Mechanical and electrical engineers provide timely response and solutions to crane outages to keep Shipyard production moving. These engineers also compile Lifting and Handling Equipment outage data to provide solutions for improving reliability and support production demands. In addition, this group performs equipment modifications and works with the equipment manufacturers on upgrades and researching other solutions.

Processes and Procedures Branch - This Branch develops, improves, and standardizes the processes and procedures that are used in crane maintenance and operations. These engineers also develop statistical trend analysis of Departmental performance criteria to support the department’s planning efforts. These engineers also support scheduled crane maintenance and repair programs. This group is responsible for the crane alteration and configuration control program on lifting and handling equipment. L&H equipment maintenance responsibilities are shared by this branch as well as the Waterfront Branch.

Strategic Planning Branch - This Branch develops the vision and long term planning for the Department’s operation. These engineers provide design and project engineering for the procurement of new cranes, equipment, and Military Construction Projects. In addition, these engineers develop statements of work for contracts as well as review new and existing crane design drawings.

Structural, Rigging, and Accident Prevention Branch - This branch is the lead-engineering group among all Naval Shipyards for the operation and configuration control of the Navy’s most modern class of dock cranes. These civil engineers provide the technical support for all crane structures, as well as rigging and rigging assemblies. In addition, this branch leads the fall protection and rigging improvement initiatives in for the entire shipyard.

Diversity of Disciplines

Travel is sometimes required to support various projects and other regional Lifting and Handling needs. This will depend upon the fiscal climate, but Code 700 is responsible for supporting Navy shore activities both regionally and abroad. The Technical Division has openings in the mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering disciplines. This division is looking for self-motivated engineers with excellent writing skills, who enjoy diverse technical challenges and work environments.