Performance Improvement Office
Code 100PI

The Performance Improvement Office is Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s advocate for promoting and facilitating the changes that will make what we do better every day. We repair, modify, and maintain the ships of the United States Navy. Our engineers and engineering technicians are professionals who embrace the philosophies and techniques of Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI). They are trained in a variety of improvement methodologies described below, and apply them as part of their everyday work.

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma uses advanced statistical analysis and forward-thinking facility planning to eliminate wasteful practices, reduce the variability of processes, and ensure an efficient work environment is created. This guarantees fewer defects in production and higher customer value of the services we provide.

Theory of Constraints employs work measurement tools and industrial management skills to eliminate process bottlenecks. These cause costly delays in our work, which affects when a ship is returned to Navy Fleet service.

Learning Organization embraces a human factor-oriented philosophy that seeks to improve our performance through open and honest dialogue. This promotes sharing of knowledge and how a team can improve performance and behaviors.

Our CPI professionals are team facilitators, working with various groups throughout the shipyard. They use the CPI tools and techniques along with their facilitation skills to help identify problems, develop solutions, and put those solutions into place.

Assignments are spread across all Shipyard Areas of Operation. They can be assigned to work directly on ship repair project management teams. They can support the shipyard’s established Communities of Practice that focus on product lines. They can be found working with teams from production shops, engineering and other departments. They can even be assigned to various multi-functional large-scale projects. As CPI professionals, we bring out the best in people to make changes for the better.

Our CPI training, mentoring, and development never stops. While Code 100PI typically hires industrial engineers, we also employ engineers from other disciplines. We are looking for highly motivated people who want to make a difference, and we are systems thinkers (seeing the “big picture”). We enjoy working with a variety of people from all backgrounds and levels, from our mechanic workers to our senior managers and Naval Officer leadership. We provide continuous development training for all our personnel, both through on-the-job experience, by mentoring, and in the classroom. We provide many opportunities for in-house training and professional certifications.