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Radiological Control Office

The Radiological Control Office is responsible for executing an effective radiological control program in connection with naval nuclear work including training and supervision of radiological control monitoring personnel assigned or detailed to the Radiological Control Office. We implement and continuously improve programs, methodologies and work products to ensure environmental and occupational safety and health responsibility and awareness among personnel.

Radiological Engineering Division - Is responsible for conducting radiological engineering and preparing procedures to reduce personnel radiation exposure, contain radioactive contamination, decontaminate material, and process and handle both liquid and solid waste associated with naval nuclear work.

Radiological Monitoring Division - Is responsible for providing control of personnel exposure to ionizing radiation protection against radioactive contamination and protection of the general public against exposure to ionizing radiation associated with naval nuclear work.

Radiological Support Division - is responsible for the welding, brazing and thermal spray programs. Much of work in this Division is performed on board ships, providing many opportunities to become familiar with submarines, aircraft carriers and other surface combatants. Applications include welding high pressure piping, submarine pressure hull structure, and nuclear piping and equipment and weld repairs to worn or damaged components.

Industrial Engineering positions are also available in the shipyard’s Quality Assurance Office. On the job-site inspections and process evaluations are performed as well as an in-depth analysis of workmanship quality, documentation and discussion of findings with Senior Managers.