Who We Are

SWRMC is the largest and most diverse intermediate maintenance activity. The command provides intermediate level maintenance support and selective maintenance training to over 100 surface ships, submarines, shore activities and other commands of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Intermediate level maintenance complements and bridges a gap between two other type of repairs, the routine shipboard repairs which are performed by ship crew, and depot level repairs which are extensive industrial repairs performed during periodic ship overhauls and dedicated repairs availabilities by Navy and commercial shipyards


"Our uniquely qualified team provides superior ship maintenance, modernization, technical support, and training to ships in the Pacific Fleet."


The Navy depends on us.

We are a talented and empowered force that delivers 100% on time, cost effective, and innovative solutions.

We ensure our nation has ships that are safe and ready to sail into harm's way to support the Navy's mission.

We achieve this by championing Navy core values, improving our skills, partnering with industry, and striving for perfection while achieving excellence..

What We Stand For:

SWRMC knows that it needs to protect our nation, protect the taxpayer, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. At the center of this is our need to ensure the safety of our servicemen and women. In our steadfast pursuit of the best maintained ships in the Navy, we are able to do all of these things. We strive to perform the highest quality maintenance; further, we understand that the level of ship maintenance is continually evolving and, because of our high measure of success, the necessity of improvement and innovation is ever-present.

Our Intermediate Level (I-Level) capability continues to improve Fleet assets by bridging a gap between routine shipboard repairs performed by ship's force and depot level repairs. This middle ground provides a unique opportunity for Sailors to be trained and become proficient at their ratings. These Sailors return to sea more knowledgeable and therefore a more valuable asset to ships and their success. In doing so, we absolutely ensure the safety of our fine service women and men- thus allowing for our global assuredness.