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Dear Employers,

Thank you for your interest in Hiring Our Nations Heroes!  We have created several files to assist you in your recruiting and hiring of these folks.  The "Job Seeker Overviews" file is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that contains the list of all the pre-registered Job Seekers with their SKILLS and preferred geographic LOCATION.  Any row that is highlighted in
GREEN or YELLOW indicates we have received a resume, and it is available for your viewing in the Pre-registered Job Seeker Resumes or Batch 2—Pre-registered Job Seeker Resumes… files, respectively, provided below.

Click here to download the Job Seeker Overviews (dated 27 May 2016)

We also have generated *pdf files which contain the resumes for those individuals listed in the Job Seeker Overview file highlighted in
GREEN or YELLOW , respectively.  Click here to download/view/save the Pre-registered Job Seeker Resumes (those highlighted in green) file or

here to download/view/save the Batch 2--Pre-registered Job Seeker Resumes 

Please contact these Veterans, Wounded Warriors, Spouses and Caregivers DIRECTLY if you have an interest in their resumes.  Their contact information has been included.

Thank you for considering these candidates!