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How To Find and Apply For a Job at NAVSEA

Step 1: Locate a Job Opening within NAVSEA on USAJOBS.gov

To search for vacancy announcements, go to USAJOBS.gov and select the ‘Search Jobs’ option on the top of the screen and select ‘Basic Search’ or ‘Advanced Search.’
- Basic Search:  For a quick and effective way to search for broad career opportunities at NAVSEA, visit the USAJOBS homepage to search for positions based on location and keywords.
- Advanced Search:  Select the  ‘Advanced Search’ button on the USAJOBS homepage. Fill in as many parameters as possible to ensure you get the results you want.

Helpful Tips:
- to search for opportunities at NAVSEA, enter "Naval Sea Systems Command" under Department and Agency.
- to search for opportunities in Bahrain, Spain, or Italy, select "United States Fleet Forces Command" under Agency 
in the Department & Agency filter and Europe and/or Middle East in the location search area. 
- to search for trade positions at our shipyards, enter "shipyard" as a keyword.
- select "Federal Employees" instead of U.S. citizens in the upper left if you are an existing federal employee or former federal employee with three or more years of service.



Step 2: Create a free USAJOBS account


To apply for a NAVSEA job, you will need to create a free account with USAJOBS and build a résumé.

**NOTE: If you already have a USAJOBS account with a current résumé, skip the next series of steps and proceed to Part 4: Complete the Online Application.

  1. Visit USAJOBS and select ‘Create an Account.’ Note: If you already have a USAJOBS account,
    select ‘Sign In’ and skip to Step 6.
  2. Fill in the required data fields, review the terms & conditions and select ‘I Agree. Create My Account.’
  3. In a few moments, you will receive an email from USAJOBS welcoming you to the site. 
  4. Select the link provided in the body of the email to confirm your email address and access your account.
  5. Provide the additional required information to activate your account and select ‘Finish Creating My Account.
  6. On the next screen, enter your username and password to log into your account.
  7. Once you have successfully logged in, select ‘Edit Profile.’ 
  8. Populate all of the required fields on each page and select ‘Finish.’
  9. Next, select 'Resumes.’  You will be prompted to ‘Build a New Resume’ or ’Upload a New Resume.’  USAJOBS allows you to create and store up to five distinct resumes.
  10. Once you have finished creating and/or uploading your resumes, it is strongly recommended you upload all required documents prior to applying for positions.  To do so, select ‘Saved Documents’ and upload up to 10 attachments.

Part 3: Build a Résumé

  • On the “My Account” page, click “Résumés”
  • Click either “Build New Résumé” to create a résumé from scratch, or click “Upload New Résumé” to upload a saved résumé from your hard drive to the USAJOBS site

Creating a Résumé with USAJOBS Résumé Builder

**NOTE: NAVSEA only accepts résumés that were created using the USAJOBS Résumé Builder.

 While you may have your own résumé or chronological job history, the USAJOBS Résumé Builder ensures that all applicants' résumés appear in a consistent and uniform format. As you create your résumé in the Résumé Builder, remember to provide evidence that your experience aligns to the particular position you are pursuing.

  1. To create a résumé, click “Build New Résumé” on the “Résumés” page 
  2. On the following screen, enter a name for your résumé (i.e., “John Doe Résumé 9.1.2015”)
  3. Fill out prior work experience and all required fields 
  4. Click the blue “Save Experience” button at the bottom of the page
  5. Continue to add all relevant prior experience 
  6. Once all prior work experience is added, click the blue “Next” button at the bottom of page Fill out all required sections of Education and click blue “Save Education” button to advance 
  7. Add all relevant skills, training and certifications, organizations/affiliations, etc. and click blue “Save” button to advance 
  8. Add references and click blue “Next” button to advance 
  9. View the preview of your résumé. If satisfied, click “Finish”


Uploading a Résumé

 To upload a résumé, click “Upload New Résumé” on the “Résumés” page

  1. On the following screen, enter a name for your résumé (i.e., “John Doe Résumé 9.1.2015”)
  2. In the “Select Document” space, click the grey “Browse” button
  3. From your hard drive, locate the résumé you wish to upload and select it
  4. Click “Upload”
  5. The next page will confirm the successful upload of your résumé. You may upload up to five separate résumés on USAJOBS.


Part 4: Complete the Online Application

Make sure you are signed into your USAJOBS account and locate the job announcement that you identified in Step 1 Click the blue “Apply Online” button on the right side of the page Build/Select your résumé and additional documents from your USAJOBS account Click the required boxes and then click “Apply for This Position Now” at the bottom of the pa USAJOBS will redirect to the NAVSEA Application Manager Create an account within Application Manager by entering a valid email address, creating a username and establishing a password Applicants for most jobs will need to complete the NAVSEA online assessment questionnaire, which include a series of technical questions concerning your education, experience and training as they relate to the job Most people are required to provide additional documents as part of the online application process. The "Vacancy Documents" section will list the various types of documentation that may or must be submitted. Re-read the job announcement and determine which documents apply to you and follow the instructions to complete this process. These documents may include college transcripts, training documents, Federal standard forms, licenses and certificates. Carefully review and submit your answers.

**NOTE: Applicants anticipating special consideration must also submit the following:

Veterans: Submit documentation supporting your claim to veterans' preference and eligibility.

Current or former Federal employees: Submit the latest Standard Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action and document career or career conditional status. Applicants eligible under Special Appointing Authority such as Veterans Recruitment Authority, 30% Disabled Veterans Hiring Authority and Schedule A: Various documents may be required to verify applicant eligibility. Refer to the announcement for specific details.



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