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Portsmouth Naval Shipyard's primary mission is the overhaul, repair and modernization of Los Angeles-class submarines. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard provides the U.S. Navy's nuclear powered submarine fleet with quality overhaul work in a safe, timely and affordable manner. This includes a full spectrum of in-house support--from engineering services and production shops, to unique capabilities and facilities, to off-site support--all of which serves the multifaceted assortment of fleet requirements. With the commissioning of the Virginia-class submarine, USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) in 2008, the shipyard and the Seacoast Communities got their first look at the next generation of submarine technology and the future of ship repair. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard performed the first extended availability on the new class of submarine on USS Virginia (SSN 774) gaining valuable knowledge and experience for future Virginia-class availabilities. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is committed to maximizing the material readiness of the fleet by delivering first-time quality, on-time, affordably, and safely achieved. 

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Military Members and Families relocating to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Team extends a warm welcome to our military and their families. We are proud of your service and we are dedicated to providing you a full range of quality support services from housing to child care. Please click on the link above for more information regarding the range of programs available at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

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Shipyard Safety Program

At Portsmouth Naval Shipyard safety is the highest priority. The ShipyPNS VPP Logoard implemented the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). The program encourages active union, management and employee participation in safety initiatives. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard has been recertified as a VPP "Star" Site and was the first Navy activity to be so honored. The Shipyard has introduced the VPP Passport Program and continues to promote safety both on and off the worksite.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard's Commitment to the Environment
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard recognizes that all of the services that it provides to Navy vessels can cause impacts on the environment and the impacts must be managed and minimized as much as economically feasible. The shipyard is committed to being a leader in environmental management. The shipyard will accomplish this by promoting a culture in which each employee is aware of the potential environmental impacts of their work and their continuous responsibility to reduce those impacts, continuously evaluating and maintaining compliance with all regulatory requirements that it is subject to, and setting and maintaining specific objectives to continuously improve shipyard operations in the most cost effective manner using pollution prevention and conservation efforts.
As a good steward of the environment, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard recovered a two acre tidal salt marsh wetland where there was once a landfill. Click here for more information.
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Shipyard memorial honors those lost at sea

Squalus MemorialDisaster struck on May 23, 1939 when the Portsmouth submarine, USS Squalus sank off the Isles of Shoals during sea trials (approximately 12 miles from the shipyard) in 240 feet of water because the main induction valve failed to close. USS Sculpin, a sister ship of Squalus, located Squalus on the bottom and rescue vessels and workers began to pour in from Boston, New London, and Washington. The McCann Rescue Chamber was rushed from New London and the first of the survivors were brought to the surface on May 24. After several attempts and much trouble, Squalus was finally raised on September 13 and towed to the shipyard. She was put out of commission two months later, rebuilt and recommissioned as USS Sailfish just a year after she had sunk. The bridge and conning tower of Sailfish (shown here) are now at the shipyard as a memorial to the 26 officers and men lost on Squalus. For more shipyard history, click on our History link on this page.

SAPR Information
SAFE HELPLINE AT 1-877-995-5247
DOD SAFE HELP LINE for texting (CONUS 55-247)
PNSY SAPR 24/7: (207) 252-7167
PNSY SARC 24/7: (207) 232-9064
NEW LONDON, CT SARC: (860) 625-1212
SAPR Unrestricted Reporting:
*Command IS notified
*Sexual assault victim receives medical treatment and counseling
SAPR Restricted Reporting:
*Command NOT notified
*Law enforcement NOT notified
*Sexual assault victim receives medical treatment and counseling

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
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