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Surface Navy Association's National Symposium

January 10 – 12, 2017 Crystal City, VA

NAVSEA Booth Briefs:


Tuesday, Jan 10

Unmanned Maritime Systems Update - Capt. Jon Rucker, Program Manager, Unmanned Maritime Systems, PEO LCS

NSWC Carderock Update - Capt. Mark Vandroff, Commanding Officer, NSWC Carderock Division

Integrated Combat Systems - Capt. Todd Boehm, Program Manager, Aegis Combat Systems, PEO IWS

Wednesday, Jan 11

SURFMEPP Update - Capt. David Bauer, Commanding Officer, Surface Maintenance Engineering Planning Program

Science and Technology - Mr. Glen Sturtevant, Director, Science and Technology, PEO Ships

International Fleet Support - Capt. James Dick, Program Manager, International Fleet Support, PEO Ships

DDG 51 Program Update - Capt. Casey Moton, Major Program Manager, DDG 51 Program Office, PEO Ships 

Expeditionary Sea Base Update - Ms. Amber Huffman, Principal Acquisition Program Manager, Strategic and Theater Sealift, PEO Ships

DDG 1000 Update - Capt. Kevin Smith, Program Manager, DDG 1000 Program Office, PEO Ships

Surface Training Systems - Capt. Jeff Sinclair, Program Manager, Surface Training Systems, PEO Ships

Surface Ship Readiness and Sustainment - Capt. Tim Crone, Program Manager, In-Service Readiness and Sustainment, PEO Ships

Surface Ship Modernization - Capt. Kevin Byrne, Program Manager, Surface Ship Modernization, PEO Ships


Thursday, Jan 12

LCS Frigate Update (no brief) - Capt. Dan Brintzinghoffer, Program Manager, Frigate Program, PEO LCS

Seaframe Update - Capt. Tom Anderson, Program Manager, Seaframe Office, PEO LCS

Electric Ships Update - Mr. Steve Markle, Director, Electric Ships Office, PEO Ships

Above Water Sensors - Capt. Seiko Okano, Major Program Manager, Above Water Sensors, PEO IWS

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