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NAVSEA Small Business Forum


NAVSEA hosted a small business forum in the Humphrey's Building (Bldg 197) at the Navy Yard Tue., Aug. 8. The purpose of this forum was to continue our engagement with small businesses. The information provided during this forum represents the Navy's intentions, but is not final and is therefore to be considered draft and entirely non-binding. The presentations do not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) nor a commitment on behalf of the Navy of any kind. Questions or discussions regarding any ongoing procurement's are not authorized.

Information shared at this forum is available to you on this website. Bookmark this page. Briefs from each of the presenting NAVSEA and PEO organizations, together with their points of contact, are posted here in the links on the right side of the page. These representatives can answer any questions you may have about supporting NAVSEA's small business programs.

This was NAVSEA's third small business forum. We do not have details for a subsequent small business forum yet, but bookmark and share this valuable resource page. Once it is scheduled, updated information on dates and attendance policy will be posted here as well as www.fedbizops.gov.


Executive Director, Mr. Jim Smerchansky

More than 200 small business representatives attended NAVSEA's third Small Business Industry Day, Aug. 8 in the Humphreys Building at the Washington Navy Yard. Designed as an education and awareness event to discuss defense contracting processes, the forum hosted a dialog between the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition; Department of the Navy's Small Business Office; NAVSEA Contracts and program executive offices; large business industry partners; and small businesses.