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NEWS | May 14, 2024

California Baptist University Unites with Corona Division to Address Challenges

By Brianna Alexander (CTR), Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Corporate Communications NSWC Corona Division

California Baptist University (CBU) and Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Corona Division are leveraging their Education Partnership Agreement to hire a team of skilled student interns to help the Navy solve real world problems this year.

Students will be hired to help work through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning challenges. Specifically, the interns will be researching the use of advanced AI algorithms to automate accuracy reporting for pilots dropping bombs on training ranges. The impact of this technology has the potential to tackle other critical tasks such as identifying potential bomb threats in live video feeds.

“The students will be trained by a professor on our software tools and processes, then eventually join our workforce as student interns,” said Benji Villalobos, supervisory engineer. “The goal is to use their expertise to help drive technological innovation and strengthen government systems.”  

The collaboration between CBU and NSWC Corona is set to not only enhance academic growth, but also drive technological advancements, ultimately bolstering the capabilities of government owned and operated systems. During the CBU Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab (CAiMLL), students receive a problem topic to research and develop innovative solutions according to the Department of Defense needs.

Through this initiative, students are not only gaining valuable experience and school credit but also contributing directly to advancing government capabilities, according to Villalobos.

“By breaking down these challenges for the students, we are not only nurturing their problem-solving skills, but also potentially streamlining our hiring process by identifying talented individuals early in their academic journey,” said Villalobos.

Researching AI and machine learning challenges are just one of many projects NSWC Corona is hoping the students will be involved in, said Vinoj Zachariah, division head.

"CBU's approach ensures that any developments made during these collaborations remain government property, paving the way for a seamless transition of highly skilled individuals into our workforce,” he said. “By training students within the government processes and providing them hands-on experience, we are securing a pipeline of talent well-versed in our operational frameworks."

NSWC Corona Division has provided analysis and assessment for the Navy since 1964. With experience in gauging the Navy’s warfighting capability, NSWC Corona is a leader in NAVSEA data analytics. Corona utilizes networked data environments, data and visualization, and measurement technology to bridge the Navy’s data silos, enabling informed decision-making for the warfighter. Anchor to the Inland Empire Tech Bridge, NSWC Corona is located in Norco, California, with detachments in Fallbrook and Seal Beach and personnel in 14 additional locations.