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NSWC Dahlgren Division Employees Awarded the Department of the Army Armed Forces Civilian Medal for Pandemic Support
July 19, 2022

Tools, Structure and Leadership: How a Team of Navy Software Developers are Navigating the Pandemic
March 30, 2021

Command learns, adapts during pandemic: Effort to protect workforce, meet mission continues year after worldwide pandemic declared
March 17, 2021

MARMC Teams up with Ship Repair Industry to address “Pre-Deployment Bubble” COVID Protocols To Fix Ships
March 5, 2021

PSNS & IMF begins COVID-19 vaccination roll out for workforce
February 10, 2021

NSWC PCD hosts 2020 Industry Day
December 18, 2020

NSWC PCD hosts first virtual Journeyman Career Fair
December 17, 2020

PSNS & IMF Innovation Lab designs, builds prototype LED disinfecting devices to combat COVID-19
November 25, 2020

Expect Better Traffic on Return to Dahlgren
November 19, 2020

NSWCDD Hispanic Leaders Ensure Crucial Technologies Delivered to Warfighters Throughout Pandemic
October 19, 2020

PSNS & IMF holds socially-distanced apprentice graduation ceremony, honors students virtually
October 16, 2020

NSWC Crane provides thermal imaging solution to area hospital during coronavirus pandemic
September 22, 2020

EDP Highlight: Cadre 9’s Progress – Team Tattoo
September 15, 2020

More Hands Make Less Work: How SurgeMain Assembled Reservists to Support Norfolk Naval Shipyard's Civilian Workforce and Fulfill the Mission
September 9, 2020

Shop 17 Helps to Shield NNSY Against the Dangers of COVID-19 by Installing Personnel Guards
September 8, 2020

COVID Communication: Shipyard Sign Shop produces pandemic response products
August 26, 2020

PSNS & IMF installs body temperature detectors at gates to bolster worker protection from COVID-19
August 26, 2020

Combatting COVID-19 with Knowledge
August 20, 2020

NSWC PCD virtually sparks STEM outreach amid pandemic
August 18, 2020

NSWCPD’s Advanced Damage Control Team Delivers Software to Help Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19 in the Fleet
August 14, 2020

NSWC PHD Welcomes ‘Virtual’ Interns During Global Pandemic
August 13, 2020

The Tradition of Innovation at NNSY: Keeping the Workforce Safe Using NanoSeptic Technology to Fight COVID-19
August 11, 2020

COVID-19 PPE and Cleaning Supplies Team Ensures America’s Shipyard is Fitted with Tools Needed to Minimize the Spread
August 11, 2020

NSWCPD Continues Hiring to Meet the Mission through the COVID-19 Pandemic
August 7, 2020

MARMC SST Advances OSD Grasp of COVID Risk
July 31, 2020

Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s COVID-19 Backshift Disinfectant Crew Helps Minimize the Spread
July 28, 2020

NSWC PCD Hosts Virtual Industry Day Event
July 27, 2020

SurgeMain Reservists begin arriving at PSNS & IMF for mission
July 17, 2020

NSWC Crane engineers develop rapidly deployable tech for detecting fever
July 16, 2020

Shipyard Spotlight: Stephen Dougherty
July 14, 2020

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Spray, 100% Teamwork and Care: Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s Newest Solution to Fight COVID-19
July 9, 2020

Eye on Innovation: NNSY Takes on Innovative Solutions during COVID-19 Pandemic By Producing Face Shields
July 9, 2020

Misting Disinfectant Utilized at Norfolk Naval Shipyard to Help in the Fight Against COVID-19
July 9, 2020

Carderock Team Uses Talents to Manufacture COVID-Fighting Tools
July 8, 2020

NSWC Dahlgren Technical Library Helps Scientists and Engineers “Rock the Research” During Telework Status
July 6, 2020

Service With a Smile
July 6, 2020

NSWC PCD Mine Warfare team overcomes challenges to support fleet sustainment needs
June 29, 2020

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: NSWC Crane employees provide rapid response to ensure special operators worldwide received personal protective gear during pandemic
June 29, 2020

Carderock Scientists Tackle Hand Sanitizer Shortage
June 24, 2020

It Takes a Village: PHNSY & IMF Responds to COVID-19
June 12, 2020

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: NSWC Panama City’s CSTRS Depot rapidly delivers fleet solutions despite COVID-19
June 11, 2020

Navy mobilizing Reservists under SurgeMain program to support ship maintenance
June 10, 2020

NSWC Crane employees provide critical Maritime Electronic Warfare expertise throughout months of public health restrictions
June 10, 2020

Eye on Innovation: “You Make the World a Better Place when you Help Others”: NNSY Personnel Help Local Medical Facilities in Fight Against COVID-19
June 10, 2020

National Safety Month: How America’s Shipyard Has Protected the Workforce During COVID-19
June 9, 2020

PSNS & IMF honors 33 employees, Sailors with Employee of the Year awards
June 3, 2020

NSWC PHD Employees Shift Face Covering Production Into High Gear for the Greater Community
May 22, 2020

PSNS & IMF Employee Supports Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management
May 22, 2020

Command builds hand-washing stations to help protect workers from COVID-19
May 21, 2020

NSWC PCD Procurement Lead Designs Lip Reading Kit
May 21, 2020

PNSY Partners with USAMMDA on 3-D Printed Test Swabs
May 18, 2020

PSNS & IMF fulfills urgent request for COVID-19 testing gear
May 12, 2020

Undersea Warfare Center's Additive Manufacturing Center is Open for Business
May 11, 2020

Back relieves Peters as commander of NSWC PCD
May 8, 2020

PSNS & IMF manufactures, provides face shields to partners, local community
May 8, 2020

NSWCDD Technical Leader Focused on Delivering Next Generation Combat Systems to the Fleet During COVID-19 Pandemic
May 7, 2020

Carderock Engineers Work to Offset Face-Covering Shortage
May 6, 2020

Defeating customer service obstacles by using clear plastic barriers
May 5, 2020

Partnership overcomes facemask challenges for deaf and hard of hearing teammates
May 1, 2020

Norfolk Naval Shipyard makes improvements to enhanced screening procedures
May 1, 2020

Teams Band together to Perform First Time Maintenance on USS Georgia (SSGN 729)
April 30, 2020

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: NAVSEA continues fleet support mission despite COVID-19 restrictions
April 28, 2020

Carderock Engineer Assists with International Fight Against COVID-19
April 28, 2020

No Break in Communication: NSWC PCD keeps Task Force New York connected
April 27, 2020

NNSY Satellite Locations Persevere In Face of Pandemic
April 24, 2020

NSWC Crane employees volunteer to 3D print hundreds of ear guards for healthcare workers
April 23, 2020

Norfolk Naval Shipyard implements enhanced screening at gates, widespread face mask issuance
April 23, 2020

Panama City’s biotechnology lab sanitizes to combat COVID-19
April 22, 2020

NSWC Corona Designs Portable Oxygen Manifolds for Camp Pendleton COVID-19 Response
April 21, 2020

NSWC IHEODTD, Virginia Tech, and Carilion Healthcare team up to fight COVID-19
April 16, 2020

Norfolk Naval Shipyard continues to expand ways of protecting workforce safety and health
April 16, 2020

SUPSHIP turns to Fusion for Facemasks
April 15, 2020

Carderock looks to use R&D abilities in COVID-19 fight
April 14, 2020

PSNS & IMF increases COVID-19 screening for shipyard entry
April 13, 2020

MCM USV testing continues despite Coronavirus limitations
April 2, 2020

PSNS & IMF explores ways to capitalize on in-house skills to support workforce in face of COVID-19
April 2, 2020

Panama City scientists and engineers develop ventilator prototype in response to COVID-19
March 26, 2020

NSWC PCD adjusting work schedule ahead of COVID-19
March 20, 2020

PSNS & IMF to distribute more than 2,000 cleaning kits throughout command
March 16, 2020