2023 PSNS & IMF Family Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility Family Day 2023 is June 17, 2023, in Bremerton, Washington. In order to make your day go more smoothly, the event planning committee has provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

NOTEEmployees who need a printed copy of their registration should contact the IT Help Desk at (360) 627-2100.

Things to remember ...
Anything brought onto Naval Base Kitsap or into the shipyard is subject to search. That includes vehicles at the NBK gates and any items carried into the industrial area. If a prohibited item is detected by security scanners or in your possession, you will be denied entry.

What should I anticipate coming through security at the gates?

Have your photo IDs and a copy of your registration form ready. Anything you bring onto Naval Base Kitsap or into the shipyard is subject to search. That includes your vehicle at NBK gates.

If a prohibited item is detected by our scanners or observed in your possession, you will have to return the item to your vehicle and get back in line.


What day and time is Family Day?

The event is Saturday, June 17, 2023, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Attendees will not be allowed to enter the shipyard after 2 p.m., and Ambassadors will begin directing attendees toward the exit gates at approximately 2:30 p.m.


What gates will be open for entry?

Bremerton, Burwell and Wycoff Gates will be open for attendees to enter on the day of the event. Do not use the turnstiles to enter. However, you can exit through any normal gate or turnstile when you depart the shipyard.


How do we leave the shipyard?

You can exit through any normal pedestrian designated gate or turnstile. NAVFAC shuttles outside the shipyard turnstiles on Naval Base Kitsap will return guests to designated parking locations on NBK (shuttles do not leave the naval installation).


Can I bring more than five guests, or guests not listed on my registration form?

Only guests specified and approved on your registration form will be allowed access into the shipyard. Do not bring anyone you did not register in advance. Any attempt to bring in someone who was not listed and approved on an employee’s registration form would be considered an “integrity violation” that could impact the sponsor’s security clearance.


Can I modify my registration form prior to the event?

No, registration forms cannot be modified prior to the event after the registration deadline. If a guest you previously registered is no longer able to attend, you do not need to modify your form or notify security in advance. However, you cannot replace the previously registered guest with a new guest who was not previously registered.


I am a current shipyard employee who did not register to attend the event. I do not plan to bring any guests. Can I still participate in Family Day?

Shipyard employees who wish to attend Family Day but who are not bringing any guests may access the event through any pedestrian turnstiles not otherwise open to event access (State Gate, Farragut Avenue, Decatur, etc.).


Do I need to bring ID?

Escorts must have their CAC, NAVSEA badge and copy of the signed registration form.

Photo ID for those 16 and older (no ID is required for children under 16). Washington state driver’s license is okay.


What else do we need to bring?

In addition to proper identification, sponsors MUST bring a printed and signed copy of their Family Day Registration Form with them on the day of the event. This will help alleviate congestion at the gates.

Employees who need a printed copy of their registration should contact the IT Help Desk at (360) 627-2100.


Can I bring a stroller or mobility device?

Yes, strollers and/or mobility devices are allowed into the controlled industrial area. Reminder, anything brought onto Naval Base Kitsap or into the shipyard is subject to search. 


Are there expressing/lactation stations available for visitors?

Yes, those who require a lactation/expressing station may visit the Fire Station (Building 435) to be directed to a private room. 


Are there things I cannot bring into the shipyard?

The following items are prohibited:

• Cameras, camera phones or any photo/video recording device

• Electronic storage media (i.e. thumb drives, memory sticks)

• Weapons or ammunition (i.e. guns, tasers, mace, pepper spray)

• Alcohol or illegal substances, including cannabis products

• Backpacks and large bags (i.e. purses, diaper bags, small lunch bags, medical device pouches are authorized but subject to search)

• Pets (service animals are okay)


Violating safety and security boundaries, or bringing prohibited items into the shipyard, will be grounds for immediate removal of the sponsor and their guests.


What should I wear?

The shipyard is a heavy industrial environment, and although visitors will not be authorized to transit through hazardous/ active work areas, certain clothing is impractical and not recommended. The event may require prolonged standing and guests may encounter rough and uneven surfaces, crane and train tracks, metal grates, etc.

Okay to wear:

• Long pants, jeans, shorts or capris.

• Tennis shoes or other rubber soled, closed-toe shoes, closed-heel shoes.

Not okay to wear:

• Open toed/open heel shoes

• High heels or platform shoes

• Flip flops or bare feet

• Ill-fitting clothing, to include clothing that is too baggy and may be caught in machinery or equipment, and clothing that is too tight and restricts movement or would impede egress efforts in the event of an emergency.


Prohibited items:

• Cameras, camera phones or any photo or video recording device.
• Weapons or ammunition (e.g., guns, Taser, mace or pepper spray).
• Alcohol or illegal substances including cannabis products.
• Backpacks or large bags (purses, diaper bags, small lunch bags, medical supply pouches are okay – subject to search).
• Clothing that contains profanity (verbal or visible), obscenities, hate speech, sexually suggestive language or partisan political messages.

Guests may be turned away if found to be in violation of these guidelines.


Where can we park?

On-base and off-base parking options will be available. You can park in Montgomery Lot on Naval Base Kitsap – Bremerton. There are more than 1,500 stalls available on a first-come, first-served basis. Keep in mind we are not allowed to solely reserve the use of any parking on NBK for Family Day, so plan ahead.

Shuttle buses will begin picking up guests from NBK parking locations at 9 a.m. These buses will not drive into the CIA. All passengers will need to disembark the bus and walk through the entry control checkpoint at Wycoff Gate.

If you need handicap transportation, park in the handicap-marked zone in Montgomery Lot. There will be Access buses making regular rounds between the Montgomery Lot and the shipyard for those needing to park in the handicap-marked zone. Those riding the Access buses will not need to disembark the bus. They will be checked in on the bus and will enter the shipyard through Farragut Gate when the event opens at 10 a.m.

Those with a PSNS & IMF NAVSEA badge may also park in the Navy parking garage between 4th and 5th streets on Park Avenue in downtown Bremerton.

DO NOT PARK at the commissary, Navy exchange or gym parking lots on Naval Base Kitsap.

You can also pay to park in any commercial parking lot in downtown Bremerton. Do not park in downtown business parking lots (e.g. banks, restaurants). If you choose to park on city streets, you must obey the city’s parking regulations and time limits.


How do I get into Naval Base Kitsap - Bremerton to park?

Access to Naval Base Kitsap – Bremerton will be through Charleston Gate (located along WA-304). Employee sponsors will need to show their CAC or military ID to the officers at the gate. Guests in the vehicle will need to present their photo IDs as requested. Employee sponsors must be in the same vehicles with their guests.

When cleared by the officer, travel directly to the designated parking location at Montgomery Lot.


What time can I enter Naval Base Kitsap - Bremerton to park in designated lots?

You can enter Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, to park in the Montgomery Lot any time the base gates are open. However, you will not be able to enter the Shipyard Controlled Industrial Area for Family Day until 10 a.m.


Will there be transportation inside the gates?

There will be shuttle buses running on a continuous loop inside the shipyard, stopping at most existing bus stops inside the gate.


Are all buildings open to everyone?

Some designated, pre-approved workspaces are open to employees who work in those spaces and their escorted guests only. Badged employees who work in these areas will be responsible for their guests while visiting these and other spaces.

Areas visited should be restricted to the space that the badged employee works and/ or is assigned. Some buildings will be closed for Family Day.


How will I know what areas are available for tours?

As each family enters through the gates, they will be given a Family Day Event Guide. It will contain a map showing the buildings open for all guests and locations for food, lost and found, entertainment, restrooms and first aid. Employees can check NYCU leading up to the event for the map and list of buildings/work areas open for visitation.

Please be mindful of barriers near the dry docks and piers. These fences are in place to keep you and your guests safe.


Are all tours handicap accessible?

Certain displays in and around the shops have limited accessibility. Other than that, most areas are handicap accessible.

You will be able to exit and return to your parking spot by catching the Access Bus at the end of your visit.


Will there be food available?

Employee Food Services through Commander Naval Installations Command will provide pizza and hot dogs to employees and their guests, while supplies last, as a “thank you” for their committed service to the fleet. These complimentary food items will be available at various locations from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. In addition, there are vending machines and un-staffed canteens in various locations. Guests may bring in small lunch bags with food items (bags are subject to search and must remain with you at all times). Most vending machines take cash or card. An ATM is located in the lobby of Building 850A.

2023 PSNS & IMF Family Day