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This event is now closed. For reference, the following information was shared.


The purpose of this forum was to articulate our need and the opportunities offered to protect Navy data: monitoring, detection and containment of external and internal threats.

NAVSEA and the Program Executive Offices work in many different environments, from NAVSEA enterprise-wide networks to stand-alone systems such as industrial plant equipment. Systems range from non-real time non-deterministic, such as business systems, to virtual training systems, to real-time, deterministic systems such as combat and weapon systems.  The forum will also address other systems within that spectrum: control systems; hull, mechanical & electrical systems; navigation systems; interior communications systems; as well as those for maintenance; and Research, Development, Test and Evaluation.

The information provided during this forum represents the Navy’s challenges and developing requirements, but is not final and is therefore to be considered draft and entirely non-binding. The presentations constitute neither a Request for Proposal (RFP) nor a commitment on behalf of the Navy of any kind. Questions or discussions regarding any ongoing procurement are not authorized.

Registration is now closed for this forum, but the information shared at this forum is available to you on this website.  Bookmark this page.  Briefs from each of the presenting NAVSEA and PEO organizations, together with their  points of contact will be posted here following the Oct. forum.  These representatives can answer any questions you may have about supporting NAVSEA’s cybersecurity requirements.


It is important to note that submitting a request to attend the event is only the first step in the vetting process and does not constitute NAVSEA’s approval to attend. Upon receipt of the request to attend, an email will be sent to each individual (at the email provided in the request to attend) with details on how to complete and submit the necessary security documents.

After security documents have been received and reviewed, NAVSEA will inform each individual of their attendance status by either providing a “CSID Participant Package” confirming attendance to the event or a “Regret Letter” to those individuals ineligible for attendance. Tickets are not transferrable and will be required at the gate in order to gain access to the installation and attend the event.

Questions about this process may be emailed to: NSSC_CS_Industry_Day@navy.mil.  (currently closed)

AGENDA: For a complete schedule of the day, download the document here.