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Advance Submarine Systems Development
Bridge S&T and R&D through testing, demonstration and validation of promising technologies to provide undersea emergent capabilities that are safer, stealthier, and lower cost.  Our major focus is on transitioning technologies to help the Fleet maintain Undersea Superiority.

Program Areas
1. Fixed Research & Development Infrastructure
2. Rapid Prototyping, Payloads and Sensors
3. Long Range Research & Development /Advanced Submarine Development

• Mature promising undersea technologies from TRL-3 to TRL-7 through a process of prototyping and testing in relevant at-sea environments. Transition the technologies and capabilities to the specified acquisition program offices once the maturation process is complete and the technology de-risked.
• Manage the operation and maintenance of vital submarine RDT&E, N fixed infrastructure assets.
• N97’s only unattributed (non-hull specific) TRL 3-7 RDT&E, N funding line.  Ideally suited for implementing Design for Undersea Warfare (DUSW) future capabilities and rapid prototyping initiatives.

• Every dollar invested in Advanced Submarine Systems Development (ASSD) leverages an average of 3 to 4 dollars of non-Program Office funding.

Fact Sheet

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Advanced Submarine Systems Development Fact Sheet

Whether a need, a concept or an idea or if you just want to discuss the intricacies of the science and technology development process, email the Advance Submarine Systems Development office at: SEA073@navy.mil