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Commander's Message

In today’s global environment, the U.S. Navy protects America’s interests at home and abroad by maintaining maritime superiority, deterring aggression, and providing humanitarian assistance. The cornerstone of our Navy’s success is its ships and aircraft—and no other organization contributes more to advance our country’s naval presence than NAVSEA.

For more than 220 years, NAVSEA and its predecessor organizations have been responsible for the design, construction, delivery, maintenance, and disposal of our Navy’s ships and ship systems.

The NAVSEA Mission "to design, build, deliver, and maintain ships and systems on time and on cost for the United States Navy" underpins my priorities and aligns directly with the Navy’s Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority. Everything we do will align to the Design and its four Lines of Effort that focus on warfighting, learning faster, strengthening our Navy team, and building partnerships.

Why a Campaign? The strategic mission priorities and foundational lines of effort presented in this plan are a related series of activities that, when executed in conjunction with one another, will enable us to achieve mission success. These are not independent efforts that can be effectively executed on their own. They are inter-related and require communication, coordination, and leadership to achieve our desired results.

This Campaign is influenced by the operational and fiscal environment that define today’s world. While we expect these external forces to be relatively consistent over the next several years, we must be ready to respond to unexpected changes. Our strength as a Navy and as a Nation is our ability to react to uncertainty with a sense of urgency, a confident and positive attitude, and pride in the products and services we provide to our Navy.

What we do is not easy, but I have the utmost confidence in the NAVSEA workforce to answer this Campaign Call to tackle our challenges head-on and expand our Navy’s maritime advantage over our adversaries. I am proud to serve as your Commander and it is my privilege to be part of your effort in meeting these challenges. Thank you for what you do each and every day in support of this great Navy and great Nation. Share what you know and Win Them All!

Campaign Plan to

For as long as we’ve been a Nation, our Navy has played a key role in protecting the world’s maritime system. Today, traditional and non-traditional forces threaten our safety both at home and abroad. Our technical and tactical advantage over our adversaries is being challenged as technology advances at a rapid pace. Every campaign requires a clearly stated and shared objective and vision. The overarching objective and vision of the NAVSEA Campaign is to expand the U.S. Navy’s maritime advantage over our adversaries through our people, products, and services.

Priority #1: On‐Time Delivery of Ships and Submarines ensuring maritime superiority requires a ready and capable fleet of ships, submarines, and associated combat systems. Our Combatant Commanders rely on us to provide the naval assets they need, when they are needed.

Our ability to deliver ships out of public and private yard maintenance availabilities on time, without cutting corners and with the requisite quality is critical to meet this demand. The Fleet relies on NAVSEA to get this right. Getting back to on‐time delivery of ships out of maintenance availabilities will require a multi‐faceted "all of the above" approach to include the following broad areas:

▪  People: Focus on talent management and develop and mentor leaders at all levels. Identify and reward outstanding individual and collective performance. I will personally lead this effort.

▪  Resources: Ensure workload, capacities, and funding are in balance. Identify misalignment as soon as possible; tough resource problems only get tougher with time.

▪  Planning: Get requirements right. Improve duration forecasts including growth and emergent work. Upgrade governance and process discipline.

▪  Execution: Deliver first‐time quality. Improve change management and reduce execution year workload churn.

▪  Contracting: Establish an executable, stable workload, well‐defined requirements, and incentivize contractor performance. Develop more effective contracting strategies and streamline the contract award process.

▪  Material: Improve material forecasting and availability.

▪  Infrastructure/Information Technology (IT): Optimize infrastructure investments, and replace, consolidate, and/or implement more effective IT tools and solutions.

▪  Requirements: Eliminate/streamline specifications and requirements that add unnecessary time and cost.

▪  Technical Excellence: Exercise sound engineering and risk management practices.

Priority #2: Culture of Affordability

The American people expect us to invest their money wisely to protect them in a dynamically evolving security environment. We’ve got to get the most from our budget by reducing the cost of our products and processes within all areas of our complex business and throughout the lifecycle. We need to do things better and differently, focusing on cost judiciousness, challenging requirements and the status quo, meeting audit requirements, and making every dollar count. No opportunity to reduce cost is too small to merit our attention. This is a key enabler for maintaining the ships we have and ensuring we have the funds necessary to build the next generation of naval vessels.

Our affordability focus will assess costs in these areas across our business:

▪  Cost of Products: Look for ways to build, maintain, and acquire ships and ship systems more affordably. Ensure we understand lifecycle cost implications for technical specifications and contract requirements we impose. Pursue common solutions where they make sense, balancing acquisition and in-service cost to minimize Total Ownership Cost and reduce variation and proliferation of non-standard parts, material, and equipment.

▪  Cost of Processes: Assess our NAVSEA governance and internal processes, eliminating, updating and streamlining where possible. Scrutinize external processes levied upon us and assess and articulate where the value-to-cost ratio is out of balance.

▪  Cost of Our Day-to-Day Business: Apply a culture of cost consciousness in everything we do, particularly in areas of discretionary spending, administrative requirements, travel, and other needs.

Priority #3: Cybersecurity          

The U.S. and our international partners are increasingly dependent on data and information systems within Cyberspace to communicate and deliver essential services. As our adversaries develop and adopt unprecedented techniques and means to deny, disrupt, disable, or cause physical damage to our forces and infrastructure, Cybersecurity remains the challenge of our day, and a warfighting imperative for the U.S. Navy. NAVSEA plays a key role in the planning and execution of this mission. We are charged with protecting afloat and shore based systems (i.e. machinery control, combat system control and shore based information technology) from both insider and external cyber threats. To protect our control and IT systems, we must:

▪  Increase our collective level of knowledge of cybersecurity threats, processes, procedures and tools that enable us to effectively support the fleet.

▪  Affordably integrate cybersecurity into our current and future products.

▪  Transition to and effectively execute our assigned responsibilities within the new information security system known as the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

Each and every NAVSEA employee has a responsibility to better understand cybersecurity and the role we play in supporting the fleet and keeping our systems safe. We must establish a culture that embraces cybersecurity awareness and compliance, and applies high velocity learning to ensure we remain ahead of our adversaries.


Our Nation’s greatest asset is its people and their ability to design and develop innovative solutions to meet any challenge. NAVSEA’s dedicated workforce is the key to our Navy being ready to fight and win. We are the Force Behind the Fleet! The Force Behind the Fleet is comprised of two foundational Lines of Effort: the Design for Talented People and the Design for a High Velocity Learning Environment. Mission success and our full performance potential is dependent on these design efforts.

▪  The Design for Talented People will promote an environment where employees are valued, empowered, and motivated, while being provided the opportunities to learn, grow, and develop both personally and professionally. In this environment, we both seek and value diversity in all its forms.

▪  The Design for a High Velocity Learning Environment will provide communication and education on the principles and concepts of High Velocity Learning and will support knowledge sharing, innovation, and collaboration across the NAVSEA Enterprise.