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Our nation's Veterans and Wounded Warriors served with honor.  Their desire to honorably serve continues. 

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Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office (VWWPO)

As the U.S. Navy's largest systems command, NAVSEA employs more than 74,000 personnel at 33 different field activities across the country and overseas. NAVSEA's Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office (VWWPO) strives to match service-disabled veterans with employment opportunities within NAVSEA's industrial, scientific, contracting and administrative fields. From supply sergeant to logistics specialist, corpsman to medical technician and cyber security operation to information technology manager, there are hundreds of civilian occupations for Wounded Warriors. NAVSEA is committed to attracting, retaining and developing a workforce to embrace extraordinary careers and unique opportunities. Wounded, ill or injured veterans with their unique skill sets and passion reflect an important hiring group. 

To match service
disabled Veterans
  with employment opportunities  
in NAVSEA's industrial,
scientific, contracting
 and administrative fields;
and to support
Veteran employees
through the MATES program.

Through fiscal year 2016, NAVSEA and its field activities have hired 3,681 Wounded Warriors. NAVSEA defines a Wounded Warrior as a wounded, ill, or injured Veteran with a disability rating of 30 percent or greater, as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Hiring support is also available to Veterans with a service connected disability of less than 30 percent.  

Caitlin Williams and personnel from NAVSEA's Veteran and Wounded Warrior Program Office help hundreds of veterans research career opportunities each year.

Once employed at NAVSEA, the command continues its Veteran partnership through its Mentor, Train, Assist, Train to Excel and Support (MATES) initiative.

On request, newly hired Veterans and Wounded Warriors at headquarters desiring a mentor are assigned one when they report for work.MATES focuses on retaining service-disabled veterans by ensuring they have the necessary support to excel in the workplace. Mentoring represents a significant part of MATES and is also available to government employees at NAVSEA. Mentor roles and responsibilities include providing guidance on professional expectations for behavior and performance; assisting with short- and long-term goals, and career planning; and monitoring and supporting the mentee’s transition in the workplace.


NAVSEA’s VWWPO also offers mentorship training. The training includes supervisor and mentor roles and responsibilities, reasonable accommodation and the effects and stigma of post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, 


Training is also available to supervisors who do not supervise a wounded warrior, but desire to increase their awareness of service-disabled Veterans.