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NEWS | Feb. 7, 2022

NNSY’s Hydraulics Shop Streamlines Improvements Through NSS-SY

By Kristi Britt, Public Affairs Specialist Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) recently recognized the Hydraulics Shop (Shop 31) in an episode of America’s Shipyard - a video series dedicated to highlighting high-performing employees and NNSY achievements.

“Utilizing Naval Sustainment System – Shipyards (NSS-SY), the shop is removing barriers and streamlining processes to improve throughput which directly benefits our projects, our Navy and our nation,” said Shipyard Commander Capt. Dianna Wolfson. “NSS-SY’s mission of ‘On Time, Every Time’ is directly aligned with our Strategic Framework and vision of delivering on time, every time, everywhere to protect America. In pursuit of those goals, this team has been supporting USS Toledo (SSN 769) better and faster than ever before thanks to amplified efforts with the Shop 31 Production Control Center (PCC), another NSS-SY initiative, to minimize workflow delays as well as increased presence of engineering in the shop.”

Shop 31 has recently doubled the throughput in the shop, decreasing the cycle time so the work gets back to the submarine faster than ever before. These efforts were due in part of the amplified efforts of the PCC within the Production Department (Code 900) in a way to minimize workflow reductions as well as the increased presence of engineering within the shop to aid in getting the work done as efficiently as possible.

“One of the reasons we’ve been able to get certifications out quicker is using our crew boards. With these boards, everyone knows the jobs coming through and our team takes ownership of those jobs,” said Shop 31 Supervisor Aisha Wood.

Shop 31 Mechanic Janine Swanson added, “We’re definitely a family in this section and the crew boards do bring us together. They help us know who has what jobs, so if something comes in material wise, we know who we need to send it to and keep track of everything. The boards are the first thing you see when you come to work every day and help us as a team ensure we’re getting the job done so we can serve our ONE MISSION.”

Members of Shop 31 say they feel pride in the work they do and have accountability in what they do every day. They work together as a team and look out for each other, helping each member of the team to rise up to the challenge each and every day. From apprentices to supervisors, they prioritize everyone being able to contribute to the mission and feel like a valued member of America’s Shipyard.

Second Year Apprentice Melanie Davis has been at the shipyard for two years with the shop and feels energized every day when she comes to work with the team. She said, “Everyone in this shop is welcoming and encourage questions. They are hands on in the way they teach and make me eager to learn. They make it an environment where you want to learn and stay and improve. I’ve only been here two years but they have truly made this an experience where I want to build my career here.”

Shop 31 Work Leader Travis Taylor has been at the shipyard about ten years and has seen the shop grow with time. “I’ve seen a drastic change from availabilities of the past to where we are today and I truly feel we’re heading in the right direction,” he said. “I see it every day and I think it really starts with caring and understanding the importance of what we do. We have excellent leadership who is engaged with us. With the crew boards, the improvements to the shop, everything adds up to the bigger picture. They add to the mindset that you enjoy where you’re at and the work that you do.”

The Hydraulics Shop has put in the care and investment into their team and they plan to keep charging forward together, finding more ways to improve.

“I’m so impressed with everything you guys are doing in the shop as we work to Get Real, Get Better,” said Capt. Wolfson. “I’ve seen the ownership in this shop and it’s truly impressive. You come every day with such an incredible attitude to get the job done and I’m so proud of you all.”

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This series is an ongoing effort and new episodes will be premiering soon. Stay tuned to NNSY’s social media platforms to see the next episode. If you have an idea that should be recognized for a future episode, please email and provide a detailed response of who or what we should recognize and why.